contest winner!!

25 06 2007

i consulted with experts in order to determine the most statistically random and fair way to select a winner for my ‘you lucky dog’ contest. said experts indicated that i should “stuff a sock in it” and to “bug off”, to which i said, “but isn’t the point of the contest to make socks, not stuff them? “( i have no idea how bugs were going to make any type of decision for me. ) so instead, i opted for the following:


though i technically had 19 comments, someone had emailed me a response, making the total 20. i receive an email every time i get a comment…so i selected the 17th email…and tricia won!! hooray tricia!!! select your color and i’ll mail off the yarn!! here are the pics again for your viewing pleasure:

may i add something cheesey? thanks for responding, folks. you can’t imagine how theraputic it is to hear about happiness in your lives.

knitting? oh, i’ve been knitting. but my neices and my sister are in town from california…no time for pictures right now! but i will have some soon!!




2 responses

25 06 2007

Thanks so much! Wow, I don’t know if I can handle so much excitement in one day! I love the morning dove colorway. Actually I love them both, but I got some of the Lime & Violet when I was at Knitters Connection myself. Thanks for the kind words about the dyed yarn! It was so much fun. I’m tricia at rawnsley dot us

30 06 2007

Very cool ans congrats to Tricia!

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