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10 06 2007

just wanted to put up a quick post before i headed off to work. knitter’s connection? so. much. fun. it was my first yarny “convention” and was i happy, happy, happy!!

i saw miss lime for the l&v live podcast, listened to cat bordhi’s lecture on new sock architecture (omg, soo cool! her new book will be released at the end of july!!) and some stroke of luck, i was able to get into cat bordhi’s toe-up sock class (thanks cat!!). of course, like kelly, some yarn followed me home. i also met lizzie and some other new columbus knitters (sorry can’t find my notes to link you) and jerry was nice enough to embarrass re-introduce starry-eyed me with the queen of new sock architecture herself (blush).

anyway, i joined knitter’s connection and got a cool bag of swag…here’s a pic of it with some of my purchases:


kc member goody bag – sooo worth the price of membership.

there were at least 3 magazines and 5-6 full or sample sized skeins in there. i stuffed it full of yarn that i bought at the market. some yarn love, neighborhood fiber co and cider moon yarn jumped into my bag (pictures in another post)…the beautiful red yarn is a mini-skein from twisted sisters.

one of my favorite finds was this:


chameleon colorworks evolution sport weight

i bought two colors:

lime and violet

morning dove

it is phenominal! so soft and it has a sheen unlike any merino i’ve ever used! would you like some? i’d like to share the love of my kc week. i’m still up in the air of what colorway i’m going to give away, though. i also have some patterns and sample skeins (from the swag bag) that need a good home. i’ll post the details of the how/when/what in the next week.

ps- check out these socks…they done in str medium weight in fairgrounds and are from my class. we did mini-socks for the class…and mine happen to be baby size. 🙂


new sock architecture – class sock




9 responses

11 06 2007

Your baby sock is adorable! Love the “bubbles.” I am working on a bubble upstream sock for me now. It is a lot of fun. I can’t wait to knit with the evolution yarn — that is some SOFT stuff.

12 06 2007

look at all that great new stash! i have heard great things about that evolution yarn…..

12 06 2007

Ok, I’m jealous! But so glad you had a good time. Keep that sort of thing up, and you’ll have to change your name to cheerful girrrrrl 😉

12 06 2007

I got the same lime & violet skeins from Chamelion. I love them–they’re so soft and yummy. I think that could become my favorite sock yarn. OK, one of my favorites. I can’t choose! Came over from Cider Moon, but I’ve seen your posts on the Blue Moon RSC blog I think too?

12 06 2007
Valerie in San Diego

The Evolution yarn is gor-ge-ous. Great yarn p0rn! And the baby sock SO CUTE. I love the simplicity and cleanliness of a little baby sock. Those colors just dress it up.

12 06 2007

Oh yes, KC was fabbo and the swag was more than worth the membership cost. Yummy yarn all around, too, and I was only able to make the market for an hour or so! It’s a good thing I couldn’t stay longer or I’d have to sell my house or something. I’ve met you at the Merc – I’m also a friend of Jerry’s.

13 06 2007

Very cute baby sock! I found you from the Cider Moon page. I think I should go to the next KC, it sounds like it was a lot of fun.

13 06 2007

Tani, Mucho thanks for all your help in Cat’s class. Especially the advise to just ‘do it’ instead of reading the words. 😉
Your itty bitty sock blocker has been ordered, and I’ll have your beaded row counter with me at the next Cols. Sock Club I make.
Ciao baby, until then…. Denise

P.S. Did you get the 2nd baby sock finished?

19 06 2007

The baby sock looks great! I can’t wait till the book comes out, looks like a great pattern.

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