clown vomit and lime & violet tonight!

6 06 2007

i’m not sure who coined the term, but whoever it was was RIGHT ON. my colinette jitterbug in popsicle was an impulse purchase from knitter’s mercantile (the knitter’s connection peeps). let me tell you. i love the yarn. i love the colors. it positively sings…and it makes me happy. except…


clown vomit…to the frog pond

i hate how it knits up. seriously. i attempted 3 patterns with the yarn….central air (str socks club ’06)….basketcase socks (redbirdknits)…and anastasia socks (pepperknit)…all beautiful patterns…all desecrated by the clown vomitus resulting from knitted popsicle. i’ll be so sad to see such happy colors leave my stash….but i am ready to let go. i purchased for $20.50, and i’m looking to sell it for $10 plus s&h. i knit from both ends, but now it’s wound into a center pull cake. of course, i don’t expect anyone will want a ball of clown vomit.

ooooo…very excited….i’m almost off to see lime and violet live at knitter’s connection!! i’ll be volunteering at the event, so see you there!

er…didn’t mean to associate l&v with clown vomit (they’re not)….hope i didn’t offend anyone! 🙂 cheers!




7 responses

7 06 2007

How about a swap? Your ugly yarn for mine?

7 06 2007

did you try Monkey’s – they seem to be working with almost any yarn!!

7 06 2007

Maybe I’m being too optimistic here, but I think I’d like the yarn! And by the way, whether the r’s are excessive or not (it makes it look like growling, I like!), every time I see your blog name I feel complete and total solidarity with the crankiness.

7 06 2007

I just had an experience with my own clown vomit so I know how you feel. Only I ended up knitted it all up anyway. Now I have a pair of socks in clown vomit and I’m not sure I’m ever going to wear them. I need to find someone who has the same size feet as I do and who also likes the colours. *hrm*

8 06 2007

Just saying hello before I forget — I was in the sock class today (I made the yellow socks and was in the first row on the end).

9 06 2007
Valerie in San Diego

I tell you, some yarn was just meant to be stuffed into a lovely glass vase, have some attractive pencils or dried flowers thrust into it, and placed on the mantel or a desk. Sometimes what works in the skein, stays in the skein.

9 06 2007

It’s amazing how such cool colors can turn into something else when it’s knitted.

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