when is your blogiversary?

21 04 2007

there are a couple of blogiversary’s in blogland right now. carol and bobbi are celebrating 1 year anniversaries. go visit them and shower them with virtual hugs and kisses!!

i was curious to see when my blogiversary was…

my first blog post was may 11, 2005. it was not an interesting post.

man, was i boring! early on, i tried to establish why i wanted to blog. i thought i would just share my thoughts with the world about the world. knitting related content is much more interesting. so i’m calling my blogiversary july 19 2006. (mental note, put date in palm pilot).

in knitting related news, i finished my mother in law’s socks! i was so excited to have them finished, i didn’t have time to photograph them. i tried them on manny before, but her foot is smallish. when i went to the in-law’s house to drop them off, i asked sandie to try them on and borrowed her camera to snap a pic:



mil socks, pattern based on traveling vine pattern in more sss
for sandie made with colinette jitterbug in marble
started: april ?, 2007
finished: april 21, 2007
needles: 2 – 2.5mm, 60 cm addi circ’s
notes: size 8, toe up, 64 stitches, short row heel, back-stitch bind off, only 9 gm left of the ball!

i loved this yarn!! love! love! love! (am i being too enthusiastic?) the yarn was soft and squishy, tightly spun and a dream running through the fingers. were it not for the skimpy yardage, i would crown this my favorite sock yarn. however, i think it’s worth the 20 bones or so that you plunk down for a skein. i’m looking forward to knitting with the other two skeins i have in my stash. hooray! by the way, she liked the socks. (one day, i was knitting a pair of socks for butter…and she casually mentioned that she might enjoy some socks…and that was that, poof!, mil socks were born.)

also not pictured today: the letter a, a beautiful columbus morning, my yarny present(s) from gena and some knit picks shine for baby toys!! some day i will get out the camera.




8 responses

22 04 2007

Those socks look fantastic ! Thanks for the shout out! 🙂

23 04 2007

Mine is in June also! Must be that spring blog starting thing…..great socks – what a neat colorway!

23 04 2007

Oooh, pretty socks! Now I have a decision to make: I found some Jitterbug down at the LYS, but I wanted to wait until they stock better colours, as all they have right now is brownish and I want SPRING! But if it’s that much fun, maybe I can turn the blah colour into mansocks for my dad. Hmmm…

But on another note, I just checked and my blogiversary is July 14th, 2006, so we’re really close!

25 04 2007

The socks look great! I love the colourway!

25 04 2007
Valerie in San Diego

I missed my blogiversary, because somewhere in the conversion to new Blogger I lost my first few weeks of postings. It was somewhere around March 2006. Now, it looks like my very first posting was about how much Greek takeout food I was eating! Man. That’s kind of embarrassing.

Very pretty socks, your MIL is lucky!

26 04 2007

Thanks for shout out! Your Mom-In-Law must love those socks, you must love her too-great yarn and pattern! Your first post isn’t nearly as bad as mine 😉 and you had fantabulous knit socks to show! Those Basket Weave socks are to dye for!

20 05 2007

I’m doing to you what was done to me. You’ve been tagged:) Now you have to post how you’re doing these days. BTW, your Cosy Socks yarn made some nice warm hats for babies in need:) I still a blanket trimmed in the pink yarn, soon:) It’s going to a hospital in Medina. Happy weekend!

20 05 2007

OK, I see WP has picked up my Knitizen Kane name. I’m still Knit and Run though. That’s going to be my punky knitting self.

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