quick post (sans pictures)

17 04 2007

hi all. just checking in to let you know i didn’t fall off the face of the planet. i’ve been working crazy extra shifts lately. and when i get home, i’d rather read about your knitting adventures than post about the piddley progress on my little projects.

maybe i’ll get it together this weekend and fire up the dye pots! i have also assigned some of my stash to some projects. is it too late to try clapotis? i have a ton of kp bare, over 1300 yards…since i’ve turned up my nose to non-superwash socks, i need another project for this stuff. i thought i could knit it up and then dye it since i’m partial to darker (read: plain and neutral) clothing. do you know anyone who has knit clapotis in a similar yarn? i need inspiration pictures!!

hasta pronto!




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17 04 2007

I think every knitter on the planet has knitted Clapotis except for us. I’m willing to give it a go if you are. I have the pattern pulled out and ready, just not the incentive. If I see (or remember where) I saw them, I’ll let you know. I’m pretty sure JanuaryOne dot com did one a while back. I’m the same, I’d rather read blogs than post, i’m just too scatter brained right now. But! I will have a contest on Thurs caus it’s my blogiversary. shhh

17 04 2007

You’re knitting MIL socks with Jitterbug, too?!?! It’s the best sock yarn I’ve gotten my hands on!

17 04 2007

I hope it’s not too late for Clapotis – I still haven’t started mine! I would imagine some beautiful handpainted yarn (courtesy of your own talent) would make a magnificent Clapotis.

18 04 2007

I hope it’s not too late to do clapotis, I’m planning to start it this fall! Can’t wait to see yours!

18 04 2007

I havent’ knit a clap yet either, but if you search on Flickr you will find TONS of them!!!!

18 04 2007
Valerie in San Diego

I was late to the Clapotis bandwagon, but it’s a beautiful pattern. T’will be much smaller in a sock yarn, of course… which probably just means following the ‘any size you like’ instructions at the end, but if you do that, do you have enough yarn? You’ll have to do the math I guess :-/ On the other hand, a hand-dyed yarn is such a nice plan for Clapotis. It really works well with variegation.

18 04 2007

I just blogged about making another Clapotis! My all-time favorite knit is my Clapotis out of some of the KP sock yarn (maybe Memories). Little bigger than a scarf, but smaller than a shawl. Sorry no pictures, prior to the blog. But I LOVE IT & will probably make another one real soon using some Glacier from Cider Moon. I must warn you, it is a really boring knit. The first couple dropped stitches are fun, but then you get bored with them as well.

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