i won! me! can you believe it?

6 04 2007

hell-O! can you be-LIEVE that i actually won something? little ol’ me? yeah, me neither. but i did! have you heard about cider moon yet? they are a small indie dyeing gig located in central ohio.


the card that came with my yarn!

their stuff is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. the colorways just call to me…. i first heard of the company through my friends gena and lynne. they went on and on about the yarn. “sure. whatever,” i yawned. after all, i have the internet at my fingertips and bmfa str were the rage…and, at the time, no lys carried a wide selection of sock yarn, so how good could they be? (to be fair, all of my lys have beefed up their selection of sock yarn. gulp. i am in trouble). eventually i did come across cider moon in the wild (at knitter’s mercantile…a wonderfully friendly store with a wide selection…but more on them in another post). they were right…i mean, come on, look at these colorways. anyway, they ran a contest for their yarniversary…and yours truly was one of the lucky recipients. (here are the other winners and an explanation of their changed base yarns). and here is what i won:


cider moon hand dyed yarn flurry in apple crisp
1 skein | 100% superwash merino wool | 110 g : 440 yds
guage 8 stitches / 12 rows = 1″ on US 1’s

this is truly an autumn inspired yarn. i had a hard time capturing the true colors on my digital camera. there is a definite yellow tone throughout the skein. i think it’s purty. i almost took a bite out of it. (apple crisp is one of my fav desserts).


anyway, not much on the knitting front. here is a pic of the current progress on my lime uptown socks:


uptown lime boot socks
i had to frog heel flap on sock #2 😦
started: march 17, 2007
needles: 4 – #2 lantern moon ebony dpns
notes: 72 stitches cast on, 2″ cuff, cuts yarn at heel?!? getting tedious on sock #2

out of frustration i will be putting these down and casting on for my future mil’s socks. it’ll be my first spin with colinette jitterbug. keep your fingers crossed….

ohhh! and how could i forget to post my march sock club yarn??!?!


the sock club – march – a touch of spring
80% superwash merino / 20% nylon
2 skeins – 2.5 oz / 210 yards
machine wash / tumble dry

if it plays the cards right, it may end up a ez baby surprise jacket, like lynne!




13 responses

6 04 2007

Three very different, but equally beautiful yarns on this post!

6 04 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Ooh! Great yarn p0rn. I love those autumnal shades too. Congrats on winning!

7 04 2007
hpny knits

some very lovely yarn!!!

7 04 2007

Congrats on winning! I never seem to win anything, so I just enjoy prizes vicariously, and this one is gorgeous. What a great yarn p0rn post.

My LYS has some Jitterbug, and I’ve always heard great things about it but never tried my hand with it, so I’ll be interested to hear what you have to say about knitting with it!

7 04 2007

Congrats on winning the contest! You sure got some beautiful yarn!

8 04 2007

See?! One good turn deserves another! Congrats on your win:) Gorgeous yarn all the way around. ahhhh

8 04 2007

Congrats! I can’t wait for the Knitter’s Market just to stock up on Cider Moon! I want some Flurry now!

10 04 2007

you took a great picture of cider moon yarn you won.. I love the fall colors too. congratulations .. how are your “fish” coming along? the new xrx baby book has a blanket out of the same pattern…

11 04 2007


I stumbled into your website as I was googling Great Adirondack Yarn Company for Soxie Marble and Jitterbug sock yarn.

You got some really cool close up pics and I love the way you describe the yarn in detail!

Great website…

13 04 2007

Wonderful job, girl!!!! Congrats, SEE nice things happen DO to NICE people. See Ya, Gena

13 04 2007

Thanks T! It will be OK! They’re giving us generous packages and have employee assistance in place (shrink). It may not start til Sept & I’ll be paid thru Dec. Not too shabby:) I do realize that many worse things can happen in life. I just really miss my co-workers. Having my cyber buds around also makes all the difference in the world! I am truly blessed. oxo

16 04 2007

Congratulations Tani!!

17 04 2007
quick post (sans pictures) « crankygrrrrrl

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