using stash…then adding to it.

28 03 2007

a long time ago i decided that it was time for me to dye my own sock yarn. i decided to go with food-safe dyes because i didn’t want to chance it with toxic acid dyes. i can be very messy at times, you know. anyway, i ended up test dyeing a number of mini-skeins…and if i must say so myself, i’m pretty darn proud of the colors that i dyed up…here’s an old pic of my stash with the skeins front and center:

070328.old stash photo

see the mini-skeins in the middle? i dyed those!
click thru to see notes via flickr…this photo is an older stash photo, btw.

i’ve turned those little skeins into these:


little fisheys…and a cute mini-project bag

i’m sure that y’all have heard of the tesselating fish blanket. the yarn harlot posted a pic ofthe blanket a while ago. apparently it was published in a magazine years ago and was re-engineered by a blogger. of late, there is some discussion on knitter’s review about the blanket too. from there i found the blog knit, knit, frog, where stell ambitiously decideds to make a blanket from sock yarn. she is on fish #77 (i think). i am only on fish #12:

[zoomed out] 12 fisheys and a cute bag

i bought the bag at one of my lys. it is made by lantern moon and is made of silk. the bag is big enough to hold 4 mini skeins and my circs so i can bring my fisheys with me in style! the store name is “the yarn shop” and they have a huge selection of yarn, needles, notions and books…now while i walked into the store to get replacements for my ebony dpns…i walked out of the store with the bag and these:


yeah!! who would’ve thought…in my LYS!!


claudia handpainted yarn sport weight in buckeye
1 skein | 225 yds : 100 g | 100% merino wool


claudia handpainted yarn fingering weight in black walnut
2 skeins | 180 yds : 50 g | 100% merino wool

in the interest of self-disclosure i must also admit i gave into another yarn purchase. but all i have to say is….



(whine)…but it’s sweet georgia!!



sweet georgia speed demon sock yarn in stillwater
purchased from knit picky via telephone order
1 skein | 225 yds : 112 g | 100% merino wool

um…come on!! this was from possibly one of the last shipments ever of sweet georgia. i just had to….didn’t i?




14 responses

28 03 2007

The fishies are so cute! And congrats on snagging one of the last Sweet Georgia yarns – I blinked and missed the Loopy Ewe madness when they went up, unfortunately. That’s a gorgeous color you managed to get, too.

28 03 2007

The yarn you dyed are beautiful. The colors are much more vibrant that I thought they would be. Now I need to get some koolaid.

28 03 2007

The fishies are too cute! You did a fabulous job with they dying too, by the way!

28 03 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Ooh, I especially love the black walnut. Cannot blame you one bit!

Hand-dyed fishies in a fishy blanket… that is the coolest. Can’t wait to watch the fish pond grow. So much better than a frog pond!

28 03 2007
Sammie Jo

Great shot of the Sweet Georgia! Our supply went very fast once we put this yarn on the shelves. Wish we had ordered tons more. We’re glad this skein went to a favorite new friend of ours. Have fun!

29 03 2007

Don’t you just love the ability to make notes in flickr?

You are one ambitious chica taking on that fish blanket! Great start!

29 03 2007

the fish are great – the colors are really rich. you did a great job dying them!

love the black walnut color – my hubby would like that for socks!

29 03 2007

I love the fishies — great dye job!

29 03 2007

What cute fishies! The blanket is going to reek beauty. Love the stash enhancement too.

30 03 2007

your yarn is really nice! You sure know how to get great color! I’m so glad I got the fishie pattern! I didn’t hear about the blanket before, it is a great idea. I got your yarn! Thank you! Funny, our group is knitting for a hospital in your state. One of the girls mom is a nurse in the nursery and they have knit needs! i can get quite a few warm hats and booties with that! You’re so kind:)

31 03 2007
stella from new zealand

what great colours your fish are, i am knitting my fish(sardines?) but you are both dying and knitting! I had a play with dying last week, but it has not got onto my blog yet. But I had not put together the idea of colouring in the fish ….. now I want to knit some and over dye them. But tell me when you dyed the sock yarn, did it have nylon or polymid for ‘strength’ and did that dye, or was it pure luxury wool?

and thanks for posting to me, that was cool.


1 04 2007

Hi, I found you from the link at knitknitfrog … now I want to make a fishie blanket, too!

1 04 2007

I am also making the fish blanket! I have them on my blog. I am only making a baby blanket so my magic number is 28.

2 04 2007

I don’t know how I do anything these days. I steal time, stay up too late and generally neglect my family and house 😉 Thanks for the well wishes!

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