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14 03 2007

a week of vaca will definitely recharge you! but, man, a day at work can really drain your batteries. i slept in today and i’m still hurting. the near-spring allergies aren’t helping either. ugh. anyhoo…as promised…i have more pictures of my vacation yarn finds and a sock i nearly finished…

but before i do that, i must give credit where credit is due. the second yarn shop that i visited in winston salem was named ‘knit one, smock too”. i will not digress with a rant about web presence. grrrrr….ahem…. this store had a nice selection of yarn as well as quilting, embroidery and smocking supplies. (the lady nicely told me that smocking is a sort of embroidery on the smock of a child’s dress). i asked for ebony dpns and was handed some bamboo with a pleasant,”here you go!” …(huh? i asked for ebony. maybe i was mumbling.)… she was distracted by a phone call so i took the opportunity to scope out the selection of yarn. i think the selection was worth seeing for most knitters…but being mostly interested in sock yarns i was knocked out by the simple fact they had jitterbug. of course, i get knocked out if i just see something in person for the first time!! i walked away without the dpns…and with the jitterbug in jay. all in all, a nice store, but not worth the 20 minutes that were lost when we got lost trying to find it!

thankfully, i had a project to distract me while in the car.


garter rib socks adapted from sensational knitted socks
for butter (k) in yartini 4-8-15-16-23-42
started: march 7, 2007
needles: 2 – 2.5mm, 60 cm addi circ’s
notes: toe up, 72 stitches, short row heel, back-stitch bind off

here’s a detail of the rib:


garter rib detail

i think the b.o. was pretty stretchy…what do you think of the looks?


back-stitch bind off

this yarn is soooo yummy. it is a joy sliding through your fingers while you knit…and so soft knit up. i caught butter rubbing it against his cheek! i am mad at myself that i didn’t use it to make myself a pair (but i guess not too much since i bought two skeins of the colorway!!).

to make the endless ribbing go faster, i knit in the combination style. ( i think there was a knitty gritty episode on this technique.) me thinks that my stitches are not as neat when i use this technique, but it is said that combined knitting will prevent ‘rowing out’ (where you’re purl kind of separate from each other…think reverse stockinette that’s not so even). if there is any interest, i’d be happy to shoot some pics so show you how i knit this way.

what else?!? oh! more yarn….


colinette jitterbug yarn in marble
destined to be mother-in-law socks (pattern tbd)
purchased from shuttles, needles & hooks in cary, nc
100% easycare merino wool | 100 g : 267 meters

i will not digress with a rant about web presence. (have i said that before?)…but i almost forgive this store because of it’s quirkyness. if you google this store, you’ll find mixed reviews. the best description i have for it is “a crazy yarn house”. there is yarn on the floor, on the shelves, on the walls, under the stairs. they have cotton, wool, novelty, alpaca (achoo!), baby yarn, bulky yarn, they have tons of sale yarn upstairs and giant looms, too. there was yarn everywhere…so much it looked like the house may explode. you name it, they probably had it! this is what i imagine what my house would look like if i had unlimited yarn funds…(sorry baby…i promise that i will be more organized, though). butter and rita immediately felt claustrophobic and overwhelmed… as usual, sock selection was sparse…but i foud some jitterbug, and the usual staples of regia, trekking and the like. the ladies were pleasant…i say you should go just to see it…if but only once. then go eat at the diner across the street. it was yummy.



great adirondack yarn company soxie in bahama mama
purchased from great yarns in raleigh, nc
100% merino superwash wool | 360 yards

great yarns was a much more….um….civilized yarn store. lots and lots of high end yarns. very accessible, very organized and very friendly staff. they had a nice selection of books and patterns as well. they had koigu and jitterbug in their sock yarn selection but the yarns were definitely picked over. (sigh). i was very pleased to find soxie, though. again. another first for me. the above pic doesn’t show much of the yellow…but it is gorgeous. a little loud…but what the hell, i was on vacation, right!? go to great yarns or their sister stores if you want a more ‘upscale’ yarn experience. oh, and don’t go dressed like a skater. they’ll be nice…but i felt out of place. i will definitely stop back on my next visit to see rita.

whew! ok. i’ll shut up now.




11 responses

14 03 2007

gorgeous socks! I wasn’t sure how that colorway was going to stripe , but it looks great! (and now I want some! heh).

[btw, you missed a ‘n’ in the link to the yarntini site. 🙂 ]

the stash enhancement — yum! that colinette and soxie! I haven’t seen either of those in person yet, and I’ve only seen soxie in the WEBS catalog. Yum!

14 03 2007

Great socks and the Bahama Mama yarn is really lovely!

14 03 2007

I’m from Raleigh and your assement of the shops is right on. The crazy yarn house is right! (Shuttles, Needles, & Hooks) That maybe in the wrong order but all three are in the name.

Good find at Great Yarns though. They are always picked over when I go for a trip. And I’ve always wanted to try the Soxie!

If you drive from WInston to Raleigh again there is a new shop in Hillsborough, NC. I think it is called the Hillborough Yarn Shop. Haven’t been there yet. But I’m planning a visit – it is about an hour and a half drive from Raleigh.

14 03 2007

You make the prettiest socks. And I agree on the back from vacation work drain. Two weeks off with one in Kaua’i and I was ready for another vacation after 1 day of work!

14 03 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Wow, great yarn and sock p0rn. I love your new sock. And man, the colors!

15 03 2007

your garter stitch socks look great – i’d love to see how you do the combo technique! i hate having my purls that are a little separated…(I knit with the yarn in the R hand). You have some great new yarns – sock yarns are hard – most stores don’t have much….I have never felt or seen jitterbug in person – that marble is amazing!!!! Soxie too – another one of those that I’ve never actually seen “in the wild” just on line….they look so pretty though!

15 03 2007

I’m with you the on the web presence 100%, just no excuse! Ugh, don’t you hate it when you’re on vacation and you spend precious time to check out a place only to be disappointed? At least you got that gorgeous yarn!

I’m interested in the combination style if you have time to explain more !

15 03 2007

You sure do know how to pick some fantastic colorways!

15 03 2007

Look at all that yummy gorgeous yarn! I love your socks too – great colourway!

16 03 2007

I live in Winston Salem and I agree with you on your reviews of our local yarn shops. My daughter and I are avid knitters and luckily stumbled on Knit Picky. That’s where all our yarn money goes these days. We have another yarn store in the area that you missed while you were here and it is different too, just as different as these two are from one another. As for the best of the three – your money was well spent at Knit Picky – they are worth it! Glad you enjoyed it and had a nice vacation!

19 03 2007

The yarn and your new sock look really nice! Wish my house was bustin from yarn…almost;) I know how I felt when I saw Koigu in person for the first time. Like a kid getting the newest and greatest toy!

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