mini-sweater…and roza’s socks started!

1 03 2007

this week i’ve been working nights, so this post is low on pictures and high on whining. you’ve been warned.

i’ve been making progress on my sweater, but i’m afraid that i’ve sorely underestimated my size. ouch. how’s that for an ego buster? how far will the limits of blocking take you. i thought for sure that my mother was wrong…but i’ve shown my sweater to a couple of friends and i’ve heard “wow. that’s a small sweater.”, one too many times. so, needless to say, that project is stalled on the needles.

quick, change the subject before i get upset!!!

oh. my week? other than working my butt off i’ve been good. and sometime in feb i pre-ordered this:


published by martingale and company and authored by the infamous Charlene Schurch, i expect this book to be as great a resource as the first. i expect it to be very similar in layout…which may bore some but the book helped me to understand sock construction and practically gave me permission to go out and and be creative. you know, mixing toes and heels and even interjecting your own {insert # here} stitch pattern into a completely unique sock. so, naturally, i bought the second book sight-unseen. cannot wait.

and that darn amazon. i was short on my order for super-saver shipping. so i HAD (cough) to get something else. besides, i was trying to use a gift certificate my mom got me for christmas. look what else i found:


i have….i mean….um…my step-daughter has an obsession with harry potter….damn it. okay. i have an obsession with harry potter. so again, sight unseen, i pre-ordered the book. anything to promote h.p. and knitting. (i CANNOT wait for the next movie and the last book!!!). authored by alison of the blue blog, i don’t think i’ll be disappointed. but i will certainly let you know what i think once i get it!

lastly, to make up for non-progress on my sweater, i started roza’s socks by grumperina (found in the most recent interweave). i was gonna skip this pattern…but i’ve heard some buzz and thought, why the heck not, i have some ll’s hanging around…and remember? i bought the yarn to cheer me up….so i should use it as a knitting-pick-me-up, no?


roza’s socks in lornas laces shepherd’s sock douglas fir
started: february 27, 2007
needles: knitpicks size 0 dpn’s
notes: no current mods




2 responses

2 03 2007

ooh – all great choices! I can’t wait to hear about the new SSS book – the first one is great. I totally agree – it gives you the freedom to just create a sock!

Roza’s socks will look great in that color – can’t wait to see them progress along!

2 03 2007

Nothing like new books to really lift the sirits! I love getting knitting stuff in the mail! Love the color of your LL! I have the first Sensational book and she taught me how to knit socks. I really your new blog layout, very nice.

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