the ugly truth

21 02 2007

not a flattering photo of my work…but i still like my sweater! here are some pics of the progress on my ez tweed hybrid…


can you see my boo-boos? click through to see the notes i added in flicker


drink mix thrown in for scale…i’m about 4.5″ up the hem

i’m a little bleh about this sweater (the stockinette is mind-numbing)….good car knitting, though. i was going to add shaping then i decided that i would rather the thing a little boxy so i had room to throw a t-shirt on underneath. despite all the little irk-y things. i am lovin the tweed!!! gotta keep chuggin….




7 responses

21 02 2007

looks good! I don’t think the increase is noticeable – especially since it’ll be inside your cuff!

21 02 2007

I think the puckering and any other unseemly gathering of the fabric will disappear once you wash the sweater. It looks really good so far!

21 02 2007

It’s great! I don’t see any mistakes, and a mindless knitting project is good to have around at all times!

22 02 2007

I love your hybrid! Yours is a good reminder that I have one for my DH partially completed (shoved in a closet). After Stitches is over, I really need to get back to it!

22 02 2007

Keep on chuggin’! mines about 14″ up from the hem and I started another quick project to give me a break……

27 02 2007

Hardly noticeable not to worry, how do you get that cute little flickr screen? I really like that…ciao

13 04 2007


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