how was your v-day?…and i’ve been yarnival’d!!

16 02 2007

edited to add: my tutorial has been linked to yarnival, hosted this month by the purloined letter. hooray!! 🙂

a happy belated valentine’s day to you all!! despite “winter storm 2007”, butter (k) and i had a delightful day. we exchanged gifts in the morning…i received a thoughtful and sweet gift of the wallace and grommit dvd (hello! one of my favorites…we only had them on vhs and don’t own a vcr anymore)…i gifted butter the most romantic thing a girl could give her guy: a biscuit joiner. (power tools are sexy! thanks for the perfect,er, mostly perfect valentines babe!)

the rest of the day we lounged around the house in our pajamas. i made breakfast which we ate while watching newscasters tell us ad naseum about the road conditions and sub-zero weather to expect in the evening. we popped in w&g; i knitted and butter napped. i started on my ez hybrid sweater, too!


ez hybrid sweater from knitting without tears
in cascade 220 (charcoal tweed and cream)
started: february 13, 2007
needles: #4 knitpicks options needles
notes: 4.75 sts/1″, plan to block 5 sts/1″; provisional cast on, contrast hem facings in cream (co 144, knit 1.5″ in cc, using mc, k1 row increasing evenly to 160 stitches, p1 row,k until mc and cc are about even,k2tog except on increased stitches)

anyway, we left the house in plenty of time for our dinner reservations and arrived just in time! we’ve been to this restaurant before. it’s the kind of place that you picture out of a frank sinatra movie…it’s dark, couples huddle over the single candle that adorns the table..piano player in the background…yellow swirled glass windows near the ceiling provide some ambient light. quite a place. oh, and they have great steaks. we are the carnivores.

long story short, the restaurant was overbooked, they screwed up our order, almost two hours later our food finally arrived. yes, we complained (i hate to complain cuz i just get soooo worked up)…but the good news is our ENTIRE meal was free (dude, i got the surf-n-turf)!! the manager encouraged us to get drinks, appetizers and dessert, too. unfortunately, we just weren’t that hungry by then. (sigh)

we wrapped up the night watching ‘lost’ (thank god for our dvr…we almost missed it!)…we *love* that show. last year we got ourselves addicted. of course when i stumbled on the yarntini website, and found “lost” yarn, i had had HAD to have it. (go visit. jessie has beautiful yarn and was great to deal with. what are you waiting for? go visit!!! you can also buy her yarn from here. thank you jessie!!)


yarntini hand-dyed yarn in 4-8-15-16-23-42
2 skeins : 1 variegated, 1 striped | 430 yds : fingering weight | 100% superwash merino wool

the skeins arrived on the 14th, just in time for the second episode since lost restarted this season…speaking of which, what is going to happen to charlie?!?!?

valentine’s with butter (k), gifts, knitting, free food, yarn and lost…all in all a fab day.




6 responses

16 02 2007

ooohhhh. Congratulations on Yarnival!

16 02 2007

I love Lost! I had no idea there was yarn!

17 02 2007

Congrats on Yarnival!!!! Valentine’s day turned out good for you guys, nice! I’ll take a steak ANY day baby!

17 02 2007

Way to go on the Yarnival feature! That rocks!

20 02 2007

congrats! it was a great tutorial! that new yarn is so springy! great for the cold, icky weather we’ve been having!

22 02 2007

You’re welcome!!

Totally awesome about Yarnival! Congratulations!!

Last night’s episode was interesting… I think I may need to watch it again to figure out if there was some major thing that I missed. I LOVED the second episode! Desmond is sooo yummy. I have no idea what’s going to happen with Charlie but it looks like he was supposed to die in the first season if they’ve been thinking about this storyline since the beginning. It will probably be too obvious if he dies now. Next week looks like tons of fun! I miss when the show was fun and not so serious. Bring on Hurley!

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