i *will* use all the yarn

9 02 2007

(a photo essay)


midnight fire from the sock club (jan)
2 skeins | 50 g : 240 yards | 80% domestic merino : 20% nylon


actual weight


progress so far: 8″ up the cuff
slipped stitch sock pattern by lynne
started: february 2, 2007
notes: small size, toe-up (12 stitches) with short row heel


amount of yarn leftover in first skein


actual weight of yarn leftover

i am sick of all the little balls of yarn i have lying around….i will use all the yarn this time.

i will use all of the yarn.
i will use all of the yarn.
i will use all of the yarn.
i will use all of the yarn.
i will use all of the yarn.

however, i am already at 8″ inches up the cuff….anda little less than half the ball left….maybe i should consider making garter straps for these puppies.




8 responses

9 02 2007

You don’t really have to use up all the yarn, you know. If you, gasp, chuck the leftovers, you still got the FO that you wanted. Think of it like hemming pants; you don’t insist on using that extra length on the pant leg, do you? 🙂

That yarn in that pattern is freaking awesome. That is exactly the effect that I was going for with my Black Bunny Flannel Shirt yarn, but had to rip it because the sizing was screwey. Could I bother you for more details about the pattern? “By lynne” doesn’t leave much to track it down.

10 02 2007

hmmm – not sure what more you can add to really use it up! it’ll be close though! they look great!

10 02 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Hee hee. I like the freeing idea of chucking leftovers. I wish I had that strength of character. Meanwhile, *great* choice of pattern for yarn!

11 02 2007

Baby socks? Or for that matter I have a 4-year-old who would love red and purple socks 🙂

11 02 2007

It’s beautiful yarn. Maybe you could figure out something to do with all the left over bits?

11 02 2007

A friend of mine is going to use all her leftover bits of sock yarn (mostly koigu) to knit a mitered jacket — and all of her knitting friends are chipping in their bits of leftover sock yarn, too. If you don’t have that much lying around, some little knit or crocheted glass coasters would be kind of cute, and quick!

12 02 2007

Cool! I like the word play you did too;) Start a Log Cabin blanket out of you scraps-just knit up the leftovers right after your socks are done. Aren’t I gracious with your time and efforts?

2 03 2007

Miss T,
The slip stitch looks so good on you sock..
It makes that great Midnight Fire yarn look really good.
you did a nice job!!

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