no longer incognito

8 02 2007

hi all…i’ve been off the map for the past couple of weeks. frankly, i’ve just been too bummed and too darn busy to post. and forget about my project 365. i haven’t felt so inspired to take any photos. thanks to all that commented on the last post. (by the way, the funeral was, to say the least, very intense. over a thousand people were at the wake. and thank you stacey for saving me!! like a dummy i didn’t bring the pattern for the sock i was knitting…and she was kind enough to forward the heel pattern to me.)

whew! so what does one do if they are down in the dumps? well, add to their stash, of course. now, i didn’t go too crazy. i decided that i needed to shake things up. so i bought yarn for a sweater. i know. stop the presses!! a sweater.


tweed cascade 220 – charcoal
6 skeins | 100 g : 220 yds | 90% peruvian wool : 10% donegal tweed

a blogless (gasp!) and computerless (gasp! GASP!!) friend and i decided that we needed to knit sweaters. now, i’ve learned that i’m not much of a pattern person. adhering to rigid rules bores me. (that, or i’m really bad with stuff like that. for those of you that remember, demi is still in the works but stalled because i lost my place in the pattern charts and am too lazy to figure out what went wrong). so i went to the library, picked up a copy of knitting without tears by elizabeth zimmerman and selected a sweater that i couldn’t live without. me thinks that i shall knit the hybrid sweater. the gauge swatch has been knit…is it just me or is this yarn thinner than most worsted? cuz i knit up a little less than 5 sts per 1″ on US#4’s! (as compared to the #7’s or #8’s on the ball band!).


i’ve also finished the whitby’s!


whitby from knitting on the road by nancy bush
in str mediumweight a rare gem
started: january 14, 2007
finished: february 2, 2007
needles: 5 – #2 lantern moon dpn’s
notes: added another rib since the pattern pulls in
gifted to my step-daughter

guess who’s feet belong to whom?

finally, i’ve started a new pair of socks and will have more pictures of new purchases (“lost” yarntini goodness and more CTH!!) …but i’ll leave that for fodder for another day. i must get a nap in since i have to work tonight. stay warm all!!




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8 02 2007

glad to hear you’re a little more “up” – sweater yarn buying will do that! the socks came out great! glad i could help! 🙂

8 02 2007

The hybrid sweater is one of the many things I’ve got on the needles right now — I just had to start one after seeing Brooklyntweed’s, and I can’t wait to see how yours goes! I’ve got to get back to work on mine, the sleeves are done, but my DH has a *really* narrow waist compared to his torso, so I want to figure out how to make it look nicely fitted on him before casting on for the body (again).

9 02 2007

Welcome back. Good idea to give yourself some knitting to do. The socks are great! – Both!

9 02 2007

I just started an eps sweater with that very book…interesting reading too. There are a bunch of us “locals” doing an eps knit along on blogspot too. let me know if you want in.

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