life is precious

22 01 2007

i was shocked to learn that a good friend of my parent’s recently lost her mother and her daughter in a tragic accident. i can only imagine how much grief she is going through. it reminds me all too well that life is precious and that it can be taken away without warning.

please be safe while driving.




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22 01 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Well, damn.
We just bumped into a former colleague of my husband’s at the farmer’s market on Sunday, and he told us how both of his parents had been killed in a car crash in September. He was clearly still reeling. As you would be.
I’ve lost three friends to car accidents over the years.
Anyway. Yeah. Sucks seriously.

22 01 2007

Sorry to hear that — this can be a dangerous time of year on the road, what with the frost and rain.

23 01 2007

So very sorry.

23 01 2007

oh my gosh. that is horrible. i am not a fan of driving to begin with, especially this time of year – life is so precious!

23 01 2007

Indeed… we never know! Live life each day as if it were you last, but knowing that you may have more…

25 01 2007

Thank you for the gentle reminder and reality check.

27 01 2007
get stitchy!

Congratulations! You’re on get stitchy!

Thanks so much for submitting your blog.

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