“no picture” finished objects and a new wip (with pictures)

17 01 2007

i got so excited about the tutorial, i forgot to post a finished object picture of my rainbow brite socks…and these days the sun is in short supply. i so do hate posting pictures using my flash; everything looks so overexposed and cannot be fixed in photoshop. (i do have some great blurry pics of my socks posing with butter (K)).


{imaginary picture of finished socks}


chevron pattern from sensational knitted socks by charlene schurch
the sock club november yarn in confetti
started: december 29, 2006
finished: january 14, 2007
needles: 2-2.5mm circular needles
notes: started toe-up with figure-8 casted on 12, 66 stitches,
k1p1 ribbed cuff and invisible bind-off

OT: did you see that a new charlene schurch sock book is being released? more sensational knitted socks! ah!! amazon is taking pre-orders.

i also have some knitted facecloths that i started a while ago. my facewash has medication in it and discolors our towels. seeing that i was making these for the sole purpose of being destroyed, i didn’t even think to take pictures of them. but again, i think that i should at least record their existence. by the way, that book is only o.k., if you’re interested in it, check it out at the library before you invest.


{don’t these imaginary facecloths just wow you?}


4 knitted facecloths
various patterns from 200 knitted blocks by jan eaton

lion brand cotton-ease in pink and purple
started: a long time ago
finished: january 14, 2007
needles: can’t remember
notes: finished with single crochet edging

finally, i have started another sock. here is the yarn i chose:


socks that rock mediumweight – rare gem
the outside of the skein is a pretty mix of shades of reds,pinks and burgundies
but the inside has little bands of melon, lilac, and blue-green

the coloring is not even throughout the skein, so i think i’ll end up with one colorful and one not-so-colorful sock. it shows up more than expected, deterring from the simple cable pattern. here is a knitted bit of it (a tad overexposed) as an example:


whitby from knitting on the road by nancy bush
started: january 14, 2007
needles: 5 – #2 lantern moon dpn’s
notes: added another rib since the pattern pulls in,
maybe finish the first cuff then start the second because of the coloring?

despite the let-down from the color, i still love this yarn (it was a ‘bonus’ skein anyway). it’s a pleasure to work with! i can always overdye, right? 😉




8 responses

17 01 2007

I still like that sock and the colors very much! You take great pics too, don’t sell yourself so short! Talk about yarnography, I still don’t have any STR, but soon. My promise to self is, once I at least start my first pair, I am then allowed to buy some. Good incentive no?

17 01 2007

I love the new socks! and the finished ones “look” great too 🙂

17 01 2007

What glamorous imaginary pictures! However did you get those shots? 😉 As far as the color issues go, you could always wind the STR into two balls and alternate between them every row.

18 01 2007

what pretty (non)pictures! 🙂 I hate winter for picture taking! No light!

I tried whitby also with some varigated yarn and ended up ripping it – you couldnt’ see the pattern at all..the cables are so small they seem to dissapear easily. the Denmarks (I just did them) may work ok with that coloring though it’s a big enough cable….

18 01 2007

Thank you for sharing the new Sensational Knitted Socks info. I have been looking at Favorite Socks and did not realize that another new sock book was coming out. Amazon nicely puts both books together to pre-order. Pretty Gems socks, I’m very curious how it will look overall, please keep us posted!

19 01 2007

I never imagined I would imagine such wonderful knittied objects. True perfection!

20 01 2007

Your imaginary photos are cool 🙂 The colors on the socks look so pretty.

22 01 2007

I love the imaginary pics!!! They really show off your work. Heh. 😉

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