butter’s perfect hat – completed

14 01 2007

i would like to introduce you to my fiance, butter.

i know, i know, why would i be engaged to a dairy product? much less a high fat one? truth be known, he was nicknamed before we started dating. we were both working at a dot com. i was in sales, he was in i.t. although we shared the same group of friends, i had no idea he was such a ‘ladies man’. you see, all the females in the office would always find him if they had any problems, computer-related or otherwise. oh, and he always wore yellow t-shirts.

like many companies at the time, ours was headed for a dot com fallout. i knew it. he knew it. we all knew it. in the end, we were both laid off. up until that point we were just friends by association. he would never stoop so low as to consider dating someone in sales; i never imagined that we would get along so well. but we did. and we spent a lot of time together passing the days until we found jobs. i call it dating in dog years… 🙂


butter’s perfect hat
my own pattern in kfi cashmereno
started: december 27, 2006
finished: january 14, 2007
needles: 2-#4 circular needles
notes: cast on 90 stitches, 2×2 ribbing for and 1″ or so,
gradual spiral decrease (dec,k x rows,dec, etc…);
i would probably use 99 stitches if i had to do it over again

every time i mention him on my blog i leave him a kiss. in ‘i.m. speak’ it’s (k). i know it’s a bit cheesey, but i admit to being a bit of a sap. long story short, we fell in love, moved in, bought a house….and are planning to get married sometime…anyone know of a good place to elope (we can’t seem to get the planning started!)?




5 responses

14 01 2007

Great job on the hat! Did he get his nickname because of the yellow t-shirts he wore?

15 01 2007

Love you baby! The hat is awesome and my head was nice and warm this morning.

15 01 2007

Congrats!!!!!!! Eloping, huh? Smart!;) A good place to elope is a place you both like, where doesn’t matter. Did I say congrats?!!!!!

16 01 2007

awwww…how cute! (I’m a sap also) Love the hat and the decreases – I can never seem to get mine right so they lay flat on the top of the head like that – mine always poof up….

17 01 2007

My husband and I didn’t elope, but did the next best thing — we rented a big suite with a big balcony in San Francisco, at the hotel where our favorite chef is working. We had the ceremony on the balcony with only our immediate family and the Unitarian minister, then treated everyone to a fabulous dinner, said goodbye after dessert, and went back up to our room to kick off our honeymoon. It was less expensive, more luxurious, more fun, and easier to plan than a “regular” wedding — no having to deal with catering, florists, or location planning, the hotel even took care of my bouquet, and all everyone had to do was show up. It’s a method of getting hitched I highly recommend!

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