progress pictures

8 01 2007

so, when are progess pictures, too many pictures? a lot of bloggers like to build in suspense to pique thier readers’ curiousity. me? i’ll just let it out there. to hell with literary cliff-hangers.


please note the foot was photoshop’d so as not to scare you guys


i have to do these toe-up socks more often


and the pooling wasn’t so bad….i’m lovin’ these socks!!




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8 01 2007

Wild! Love these socks! No wonder you want to do more. If i could only learn Photoshop faster! I used to sew. I just make square stuff now. A knit wedding gown? It take the rest of my life! They are so gorgeous! I’m Lion Brand’s Chemo pattern. It’s also included in the patterns Kate’s sharing for the project. It’s a quick and easy one for me and yes, I do have Fun Fur. There. I said it.

8 01 2007

The socks are beautiful! Love the drama of color and the diagonal stitches. A chevron of sorts? Use of photoshop is a hilarious accommodation.

8 01 2007

Holy ‘S’ those are bright! cool pattern for the top of the foot though.

8 01 2007

The socks are looking great, and I love how colourful they are! I haven’t attempted toe up socks yet, but they are on my list to do very soon.

8 01 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Those may just be the happiest-colored socks I’ve ever seen. Kind of collides with your blog name. Watch out, or you’ll be chippergrrrrrl! Yikes!

9 01 2007

Nice! I don’t think they really pooled at all – just a little bit of dark together. Great colors! I love toe up toes as well….

10 01 2007

I appreciate the upclose shots of your sock, very pretty! Those colors are so bright and cheery, perfect for a winter’s day.

10 01 2007

These look great! I love the brite colors and the stitch pattern is perfect.

11 01 2007

Cuuuuuute! I love that you Photoshopped your foot for your readers. I need to learn Photoshop.

13 01 2007

I’m not sure how bad a foot could be. The sock are so rich in clolor. You photographed them to their best advantage…
or best foot forward.

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