“that blog” (pic intensive)

5 01 2007

i wrote recently that my blog has become a stash blog rather than a knitting blog. well, i’ve been knitting. 😛 so there. butter’s perfect hat is still on hold (i don’t want to pick up stitches at the moment) and i have been working on my rainbow brite socks.


rainbow brite socks
chevron pattern from sensation knitted socks
started: december 29, 2006
needles: 2-2.5mm circular needles
notes: started toe-up with figure-8 casted on 12, increased to 66 and
(duh) did not center pattern on instep

i really really really really wanted the colors to turn out like what you see above…you know, rainbow-like….but instead:



i end up with syracuse and christmas colors….this is not what i was going for…and while it does not look terrible, i’m not satisfied with it. (of course, i love socks, so i will end up liking these in the end)

ANYWAY, i was saying that as of late, all i was posting was my stash enhancements. now, seeing that it is fiber friday and i have been knitting. i thought i would indulge…behold…my newest stash enhancements:


this is the lot of ’em
socks that rock, cherry tree hill supersock and sock club yarn
me so happy!!


cherry tree hill
in black, cream, bark and african grey
via a fantastic end of year sale from sandra singh
(who by the way had it shipped that same night!!!)


the black
really nothing special about this particular skein except i love that i could photograph it!


african grey
i also love this color but the color is off for some reason.
it’s better in the above photos
(soooo many pictures, i think i was getting lazy)


midnight fire from the sock club
it’s almost buckeye colors….i love it….i’m almost a fan
lynne – you better update your site you booger!!


mustang salley – str lightweight
please ignore the ugly picture in picture…again, i was playing then laziness got the best of me


rare gem – str medium weight
these were gifts for the sock club members…i’ve seen some beautiful skeins…i’m only ‘eh’ about this one. there is actually some orange and lilac in mine as well….i’ll photograph it again if anyone wants to see it.

whew!!! there you have it…my new stash enhancements…have a happy friday and weekend!!

PSA: socks that rock rockin sock club members…you may not have received the email to sign-up for 2007…per the current STR KAL site, you still have a chance to sign up!




5 responses

5 01 2007

hmmm – even with the pooling, it’s kind of neat! 🙂 Love the new stash enhancements – lots of goodies there – you could do something with both the black and the STR that would be neat….

5 01 2007

Nice new yarns, especially the CTH! My Rare Gem was “eh” too. I thought it was kind of nervy of them to pass off their “mistake” skeins like that. As I thought some of the other colourways were kind of “eh” too, I’m not renewing.

5 01 2007

pretty, pretty yarn. And I agree with Stacey. From the photo provided, I like the pooling.

5 01 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Mmm… nothing quite like yarn p0rn…

6 01 2007

drooool-Your photo skills are amazing! Love those yarns!

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