hats and tarot cards

2 01 2007

do you remember your first visit to the public library? i do. we were living in west virginia at the time. my mother scooped up the three kids and carted us off to ‘the city’ to go read some books. (i suspect that we kids were getting too rambuctious…was it around the time that we decided it was a good idea to raffle off all of our stuffed animals with 10 cent raffle tickets?)

anyway, i loved the library. it was so much fun to browse through all of the books. don’t know why, but i was drawn to the ‘supernatural’ section. i loved to read about ghosts and witches and vampires and fantasy and stuff like that (so much so that i read bram stoker’s dracula at age 9). i was infatuated with first roman, then greek and then norse mythology. what a little geek!! at one point i wanted to learn about the art of fortune-telling. i bought a set of tarot cards….but they still lay at the bottom of my closet. someday i will figure it out. but in the meantime, here’s the result to an online quiz found via ruiningmyfun regarding my lost interest in fortune telling.

You are The Empress
What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

knitting-wise i’ve been working on a hat for butter (k). he has a smallish head and requested a new hat for winter. i’ve gotten the majority finished but i’ve frogged this a million times trying to figure out a decent way to decrease. i tried a gradual spiral-type decrease (decreasing every other row)….then a more abrupt, rounded shaping decrease…it’s current form is with raglan style decreases that square off the top….i don’t really like it….but i think if i frog even further back and do the same every other row it may be a perfect fit! what is your favorite type of decrease for hats (knit in the round?)

070102_aaron's hat

butter’s perfect hat
my own pattern in kfi cashmereno
started: december 27, 2006?
needles: 2-#4 circular needles
notes: cast on 90 stitches, 2×2 ribbing for and 1″ or so




5 responses

3 01 2007

I so love the library! As a kid (I remember going in Nursery School) I would live there just browsing through books and the card catalogue to see what came up. I worked there in Elementary School and these days, I spend a free hour or two when I have one there. It is just such a calming, relaxing, quiet place of discovery. Roman/Greek mythology was also one of my favorite sections!!!!

3 01 2007

Forgot to mention – I did the raglan style decreases with my Center Square hat from Knitty. Turned out too square for me….The decreases on the Fake Isle hat from MagKnits were better…

3 01 2007

I love that hat! My only experience is the every other row gradual decrease. I used to like reading the same kind of books! I read the Exorcist when I was about 12 or 13 and slept with the lights on for 3 weeks. How embarrassing. My oldest likes the same. She’s 16 and reads Ann Rice and the like. She also has tarot cards. I tend to like Dean Koontz alot, but hardly read much. Days & nights are just too busy-darned job!

3 01 2007

Ii wound up an Empress too! hee hee

10 05 2007

Wow, very nice. Love it! 🙂

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