end of year absence…

21 12 2006

it’s been pretty hectic in the cranky household. holiday stuff, driving to visit family, presents, work etc. etc. by some stroke of luck it was my turn to be put on call because of low census in the unit (re: hospital speak for – we have too many nurses and not enough patients. we don’t want to pay you, so go home, and we’ll call you at some godforsaken hour when and if we do need you). in return for the piddly on-call pay, i got to hang with skater boy (k) and got 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. i’m not complaining. 🙂

i thought i should just check in with blogland…although i warn you, no yarn pr0n pictures today. even though some stash enhancement has occurred a la bmfa rockin sock club, my blog has been reduced to a stash blog rather than a knitting blog. and today, i don’t want to be that blogger. mindless knitting is great this time of year…here is this yarn, knit in a basic sock:


basic sock pattern with short row heel/toe
cth supersock in blues/greens
needles: lantern moon ebony dpns #2
notes: cast on 56 stitches, k2p2 ribbed cuff
…i’ve already started the second sock!!

anyway, i do want to wish you and yours a fantastic holiday season and new year!! merry winter solstice!!




4 responses

21 12 2006

🙂 I work in a hospital also (though not a nurse) and we are having low census figures now also..I’m sure they’ll shoot up around the 1st like they usually do!

That sock is so pretty – ocean like colors. CTH is one of my fave sock yarns!

21 12 2006

I have yet to be sent home! I remember when I had 4 acute stroke pt who needed constant assessment and another nurse had 1 pt. They sent her home instead of giving her one of mine. Now where’s the logic in that???

I hope you have a great Christmas. I don’t get to do much knitting myself so my blog is pictureless in the last couple of posts. I love the yarn that you posted though. Sooooo pretty.

21 12 2006
Valerie in San Diego

Ooh! Yarno fabuloso. That’s beautiful. Happy New Year!!!

21 12 2006

Enjoy the time off! Love that color…A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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