camo lace sock….check!…or ‘my thoughts on short row heels’

11 12 2006


i finally got it finished folks!! both of my camo lace socks are finally off the needles. again, forgive the poor photo…this was by the stairwell light!


“the camo lace sock”
ribbed lace pattern from sensational knitted socks
lorna’s laces shepherd sock in camouflage (0708)
57g / 215 yds m ; 75% superwash wool 25% nylon
started: november 22, 2006
finished: december 9, 2006
needles: 2 circulars, #1 addi turbos
changes: used short row heel/toe

i’m quite partial to the short row heel/toe these days. no picking up stitches (well, sort of) and no extra needles to fiddle with. i’ll have to say it is the heel of the moment, for me, at least. the short row heel produces a somewhat shallow cup for one’s heel…and the pattern extends further down the ankle if you are on of those types who doesn’t like the ‘break’ in pattern once the heel flap starts. both +’s for me. on the other hand, you miss the satisfaction of turning the heel, and, you have to get over the matching pointy-ness of the heel/toe. that said, it is the best heel to use while traveling (i tend to use 2 circ’s since stitches are less prone to jumping off my needles). i can’t remember exactly where i learned to use this heel…probably from this knitty article or anyone of these tutorials .

don’t like the short row heel? i’ve read that some don’t like this heel because of ugly little holes like these:


see the holes?
i don’t think they’re that big a deal.

you can avoid these by wrapping VERY tightly. misocrafy suggested that instead of picking up the wrapped stitch, she slips the wrapped stitch over. if the holes on my short row heels become more noticable, i would probably use this method. however, i don’t mind the holes, as they are only occassional. most of the time the yarn blooms in the wash and the holes are not noticable at all! here is a better example:


ahhh, much better!

as promised, i got out the light box and did a mini yarn pr0n shoot. a color corrected picture of the december yarn from the sock club follows…plus, some yarn i couldn’t resist when i went to knit with a friend at the lys.


december yarn from the sock club – color corrected


lorna’s laces shepherd sock – flames
flames!…burning…on the side of my face!
(come on!! you know what movie i’m quoting)




9 responses

11 12 2006

I’m knitting my first pair of socks with a short row toe and heel, and I have to say I’m a huge fan. All the little imperfections you see when knitting seem to disappear with wearing and washing, and the whole thing is too easy for words.

11 12 2006

I used Misocrafty’s technique and got no holes – my little holes drive me nuts and still show even after a wash and dry….

11 12 2006

Cute socks! Congrats on the finish!

11 12 2006

Great socks! That camel yarn looks totally yummy. 🙂

12 12 2006
Valerie in San Diego

Bumpin’ socks! I agree the holes are not noticeable.

13 12 2006

What holes? Great socks! I see more to come…

13 12 2006

Awesome job on the socks! And I love that new yarn you bought – so bright!

21 12 2006

Thanks for the short row vies. I’m still knitting my Hippy Crunchy, sock 2. You have some lovely yarn and great results with it.

9 01 2007

Hi, I just came across your blog and noticed that no one has identified your flames quote!! It’s from the movie Clue, which was one of my favorites when I was a kid. I guess you liked it too. I also love your socks, by the way.

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