so that’s what a camel smells like!

6 12 2006

…well, at least in yarn form.

it’s the first wednesday of the month! knitting buddies and new yarn!! and i almost didn’t make it there. i had promised to make dinner, but my baby settled on delivered pizza. (love you!) behold, the december edition of “the sock club” yarn:

mulled cranberries
?? g / 250 yards
camel down and lambswool
care: handwash with cool water. lay flat to dry.

the picture really doesn’t do it justice. keep in mind that panera has some really yellow lights. i tried to color correct…but the yellow remains. the color was described as ‘colonial christmas colors’. (right lynne?). think muted yet deep hues of mulberries and pine greens. it has a nose, too. yes, i said a nose. in fact, df (aka “butter”, you know, as in “smooth like”) immediately crinkled his nose as soon as i pulled it out when i got home. it definitely doesn’t smell like yo mamma’s yarn. very earthy, with a hint of bounce fabric softener. i can almost picture the camel if i close my eyes!

this is what it looks like knit up:

lynne’s sock with afterthough heel

the color is a little closer…but not quite right. (sigh). i’ll get my lightbox out and take some better pictures later.

anyway, i had a great time tonight; shoutouts on friday. 🙂




5 responses

7 12 2006

Now that looks like a great colorway! can’t wait to see it all! Kinda glad I can’t smell it, but if I were in the group, I’d have to;)

7 12 2006

I saw Ger’s last night…nice stuff.

8 12 2006

That knit up really pretty!

8 12 2006
Valerie in San Diego

Wow, pretty yarn and it knits up awesomely.

11 12 2006

so pretty – camel, huh?

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