souvenir and shop review

1 12 2006

hello all, i’m on my way out the door so i leave you with two pictures and a snippet.

picture #1:


camo lace sock progress
almost to the toe!! i hope i finish tonight!

picture #2:


skacel merino lace
100% fine merino wool shrink resistant
100 g / 1375 yds
color 37 (tan) looks more like a light cocoa


based on this yarn store review, i went to visit a lys in las vegas. (i actually tried to visit wooly wonders, too, but i couldn’t find it and we were pressed for time!!). gail knits is located on sahara/ft apache, about 8 miles from the strip. we were staying off of tropicana and used the ‘back roads’ to avoid driving through the terrible traffic on the strip. from the directions on their website, it was easy to find.

rant: all you yarn store owners, if you haven’t figured it out yet, there are a ton of knitters online!!!! please at least have a web presence that tells us about your store. we want to visit you!! we want to support local businesses!! don’t make it difficult to find you!!!! oh, and by the way, i’m fiercely devoted to word of mouth referrals and complaints…so maybe some good customer service?!?

there were a group of ladies sitting and knitting. they all looked up and smiled when i walked in. and gail herself asked me i needed help. ( i recognized her from the website). there was a ton of novelty and glitzy type yarn. i also saw cascade, rowan and a small selection of lace. they had only one shelf of sock yarn – all opal, but the colors were not my favorites. as a sock knitter, this wasn’t my shop, but the people were so warm and friendly, i just had to buy something (that, and this was my -one- souvenir). so i bought the lace. now i need to figure out what to make with it. anyway, if you are not a sock knitter or if you are looking for a warm and welcoming bunch of knitters, i say go visit gail knits!! we were also directed to a nice restaurant called bleu gourmet. (thank you!) if you haven’t tried the nutella and banana crepes, go now!!!




8 responses

1 12 2006

Nice yarn you got there! I’m so happy to see the camo knitted up cause I want to knit a pair for girl2. I agree with your rant too, cause hey, it don’t take much to make us happy, but don’t piss us off. Now I have to read yesterday’s post!

1 12 2006

Hey – where did you get camo sock yarn? My nephew is camo mad, and I’d love to make him a pair of socks. I’ve been browsing camo like colors, but this is perfect. Nice sock, BTW.

2 12 2006
Old Knitter

Wonderful sock….great job….I love the hues.

5 12 2006

I’m with you on the website for yarn stores. I always try to visit local yarn shops when I travel. A good website makes all the difference and there are so many cheap easy ways to make one there really is no excuse.

oh, and I’m super jealous of your Vegas trip! 🙂

23 01 2007

Greetings! I’m late for the party but…I’m the webmistress for Gail Knits.
Thanks so much for visiting the shop, and I’m so glad you found us by the directions on the website!
Gail and I are always happy to hear that people go tot the site–especially if they’re coming to town and need to find out where the shop is located, the store hours, etc.

Hope you come back soon! : )

14 03 2007
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[…] i visited in winston salem was named ‘knit one, smock too”. i will not digress with a rant about web presence. grrrrr….ahem…. this store had a nice selection of yarn as well as quilting, embroidery […]

31 12 2008
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19 03 2009

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