new stash, old stash

9 11 2006

i’ve been a bit of a party pooper these past few days…mostly i’ve been pouting and lurking. the knitting? don’t even talk about the (not) knitting. (btw, thanks for leaving me a note to cheer me up!) anyway, i decided that a hopping over to one of the lys and buying a recent knitting mag would give me a kick in the ass and stop moping around. the selection of mags was great, but, i was distracted by the yarn. like my stash needed more yarn.

i’m still undoubtedly attracted to sock yarn. anytime i enter “new territory” i zero in on sock/fingering weight yarns. i’m like a freakin’ hawk…i start to circle, eyeing first the color, and next the content of the yarn…hmm, that looks yummy…i go away (i could see the yarn trembling….hahahah) next, i survey the rest of the store for newer, fresher meat yarn and of course, sale yarn, considering which would be best for the stash. finally, i retrace my path to see if i missed anything…..then SNATCH!…..before the poor sock yarn knew it, he had fallen victim to my american express card, thrown in a bag and was out the door. maybe i should be mounting my prizes on plaques for display in my basement?!


lornas laces shepherd’s sock in douglas fir
80% superwash wool / 20% nylon

unlike the name suggests, the color leans more towards a muted teal blue rather than a pine-like green (yarndex describes the color as teal, too) . i’m thinking a pair of cabled socks…what do you think?

um, when i went to put douglas fir away, my stash exploded.


cth, str, shepherd sock and other yarns…new skeins


bits-n-pieces of leftover or test-dyed yarn…

when did i accumulate all of this? the sight sent me into a pure frenzy of digital re-organization….my computer hurts now. i weighed and estimated yardage on my leftovers so that i could start planning for small projects. i can’t wait to make me some footies!!




8 responses

9 11 2006

Mmm, the new sock yarn looks lovely, and I’m sure it will have a happy home there among its friends. That’s a lotta yarn!

9 11 2006

That is a great color – cables would be perfect – maybe something like the IK rib and cable socks?

You have lots of great little ends there – you could make some striped footies!

9 11 2006
sock princess

I may be wrong but I think you may have almost as much sock yarn as I do. Isn’t it fun?

9 11 2006

The new yarn would be perfect for cables. I’m wiping lots of drool off my keyboard, thanks.

9 11 2006

I like sock yarn too – course I like yarn in general LOL. I love the feel of it, the look of it, the pretty colours…can’t get enough of it!

My name is Shelley and I’m a (sock) yarnaholic!

13 11 2006

OMG… I have sock yarn envy. All those pretty colors. Yum! I can’t wait to see the finished socks

13 11 2006

I’ve also been feeling grumpy and sulky lately. Perhaps I should follow your example and drop some cash for some yarn-happiness…

29 11 2006

Hey! There you are! I was gonna check in on ya, but figured you’re probably as busy as everyone else with the holiday stuff. The spindle scares me a little. But before I even try, I’ll get a book & “think” on it for a while. Besides, I Christamas shopped, now I’m broke;)

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