the crankygrrrrrl-ness is taking over

7 11 2006

part of the reason i blog is to meet new people who share my same interests. i love reading everyone’s blog, getting to know peeps with their stories, their projects and, of course, yarn pr0n!! i CAN spend hours at the computer. i try not to.

but like a magnet, you draw me in.

firefly is telling (in installments) the story of how she met her husband. go visit. it’s an amazing story.

and who doesn’t read blogs to live vicariously through the lucky people on the east coast? stacey and other east coasters show off rhinebeck/stitches east stories and pictures!! wow. what a mix of happiness and jealously that i feel for these knitters!

i’ve been working on my blog roll and a post entitled “who do you read?”…but i’m almost too embarassed to show how many blogs i follow.

another reason i blog is that the virtual world is an escape from real life. many people have said that i’m not so cranky, but i am. maybe moody and tired is the better descriptor. i recognize that i have a somewhat unhealthy way of dealing with the stressors of my life. a lot of the time i just shut down. knitting is another way i escape. (maybe that is why i really am not much of a gift knitter. this is MY time, dammit.) i mean, working rotating, 12-hour shifts dealing with death and dying can be a bummer…if not pure hell at times.

i guess i just wanted to sendout a virtual hug to say thank you to everyone in blogland.

…you give me a place to escape to when i need to take a break from life. i’m almost in tears this morning because of a conversation that i had with my step-daughter. i’ll spare you the details, but i will add that i don’t have any of my own biological children (nor plan to in the near future) and that i would love to have the feeling of unconditional love from my own child. bsd and i have a great relationship, but, i will never be “mom” to her (not that i’ve ever tried to replace her mom).

ps – babe, thanks for trying to cheer me up this morning! love you! (K)




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7 11 2006

It is so easy to get involved in this knit blog world – and we all come for different reasons. It is amazing to see the relationships that form from it. It is also a great way to escape, like you mentioned.

Best wishes, and I hope your spirits are lifted today!

7 11 2006

Sorry you’re feeling down šŸ˜¦ Believe me, I have 2 girls and there ARE conditions, sometimes they just break my heart. So maybe you two are closer than you think šŸ˜‰ I’m the same with blogs, it takes lots to get to them, but I must I tell you! Isn’t Jackie great? That’s how I found your site! (Bad enough reading blogs-but sometimes the comments too?)Hope you’re feeling better soon!

7 11 2006

Aww – glad we could help in any way we can! Blogland can definitely be a place that can either get you up or knock you down – I’m really glad that the knitblog community “takes care of our own” and do our part!


7 11 2006

I can completely relate…

7 11 2006

okay, you admit your “blogs you read” list; and I’ll confess to secretly envying firefly for the “little house on the prarie (Updated episode) life that she’s living … and I always wanted to! šŸ™‚ Like Charlotte tells Wilbur, “Chin Up!”

16 11 2006

I totally feel ya on the not being a real “mom” thing.. I raised three stepkids and adopted one… and loved ’em all.. but I knew I was not and never would be a “real” mom to any of them…

there’s not too many people who can understand that particular kind of hearbreak…

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