sunshine, cotton candy and yarn!!

5 11 2006

the ballot is mailed off, gift knitting started for the neices, the crankiness has subsided, somewhat…and the yarn. oh, the yarn! last week was good for stash enhancement.  unfortunately, it was bad for blogging. but to make up for it, here are my pictures meant to be posted last week:

happy, happy…


fingerless gloves for ally – don’t these make you happy (like sunshine?)
plymouth encore worsted #215, 1882
100 g / 200 yds. ; 75% acrylic and 25% wool
pattern: my own
started: november , 2006

…joy, joy…


fingerless gloves for ashely – they look like candy!!
plymouth encore worsted #597, 137
100 g / 200 yds. ; 75% acrylic and 25% wool
pattern: my own
started: november , 2006

i’m designing convertible mittens for ashley…but if it doesn’t work out, i’ll just rip back and do the same ones as for ally.

…and how can this not make you smile?

sock yarn from ‘the sock club’ november – reminds me of rainbow brite!

i had a great time last wednesday…the unnamed sock club was aptly named “the sock club”.  and the yarn lifted my spirits so!  i’m looking forward to knitting up the pattern (more on that later).  i met a few more columbus bloggers, too! sock princess – send me a link to your blog, please!

…CTH always makes me smile…


CTH supersock millend, 8 oz

i’m loving the brightness of this.  i’m thinking one pair of bright green socks…and maybe a pair that will be overdyed

…and who doesn’t smile at the thought of STR? especially this…


STR sock club november – pink granite (lightweight)

the ladies at blue moon didn’t disappoint, either.  i was glad to see a more subtle color in my mailbox this time…something…different!  i’ll spare you the pattern and chatter about the 2007 club cost.  but, good news for those on the waiting list, my spot will be open for you!

hopefully this week i can get back into the swing of blogging…have a good one, folks! (i have to work again tonight, so send me caffeine thoughts!!)




9 responses

5 11 2006

I love your stripes – just like sunshine and cotton candy.

5 11 2006

When we need a wakeup here we make cuban coffee, so I’ll have one for ya! Wow, the knitting is awesome! Looks really bright up your way. I’m just lovin those colors! I didn’t join the STR club for 2007, only because I’m a mama ona budget, damn kids…

5 11 2006

Your fingerless gloves are so cheery and bright! Great sock yarns, too, can’t wait to see what they become. I almost signed up for STR club. I have so much sock yarn already and thought I needed to knit more out of my stash instead of spending even more $ on sock yarn.

6 11 2006


Your knitting looks beautiful! Bright and fun.

Sorry about the unsolicited plug, but I thought you’d be interest in the new wiki I’m trying to set up. It’s a place for crafty-types to post tutorials, patterns, and general craft-related knowledge. Check it out at if you interested. If not, those are still some great colors!

6 11 2006

great gloves! nice and bright!!!!

I love the new STR color – nice and gentle/subtle with pretty pink!

The green CTH is great – I am such a green fan!

6 11 2006

i do like your glove colors. I’m sure the recipients will love them. What pattern are you using? A friend of mine wants some too.

6 11 2006

What great fingerless gloves! They will learn what their mother has not!

7 11 2006
Beth M.

I’m the gal who sat next to you at the sock club.. yes I do read your blog. Here is the blog you requested… she’s a hoot. sockprincessknits at blogspot

8 11 2006

Beautiful photographs … oh my! I love the sunshine, makes me smile.


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