politics schmolitics

1 11 2006

{rant: you have got to be f@#$!ing kidding me, i just lost half of my post. ok. breathe tani. no knitting. no cute pictures. no playful banter. you have been warned if you wish to read on}

i realize why i’m so cranky today. today is my official voting day for the mid-term elections. i wanted to be a good citizen, so not knowing when i would be scheduled for work, i got an absentee ballot.

have you ever seen how long these things are? sheesh. i felt like i used up all of my brain power just unfolding the thing. needless to say, i’m pooped. (should i really know all of the candidates for each court?!?). so here i am furiously surfing so i can finish my duties as a responsible citizen of ohio…bleh. i am so not finished. that, and i have to pay bills…bleh-bleh. BLEH!!

tonight i meet with my sock club to witness the unveiling of the next yarn…per lynne, it’s “fabulous”…i can’t even get any energy for a “whoot”.




5 responses

1 11 2006

Wait til you have to fold it back up again. I hope for the group’s sake that’s one fine yarn she’s bringin…

1 11 2006
sock princess

Enjoyed meeting you at Sock Club. I’m really impressed with all you socks. Don’t forget the colors of the Encore. I have to be a copycat. Those are such happy colors.

2 11 2006

I completely sympathize with the voting, it would suck the joy from anyone! I can not wait until elections are over, no more awful commercials! Hopefull the yarn will be scrumptious!

2 11 2006

Ugh! I did an absentee ballot once – it was so annoying!

Hopefully seeing some great yarn tonight will make the ickyness of the day go away!

27 11 2006

I know you are on late shift for a while, but do miss you and your energy .any new projects going on? Love your site it is always fun to read.

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