sister, sister

30 10 2006

my sister and i are polar opposites…she is hyper, happy-go-lucky and giggle-y, where i tend toward the somewhat laid-back, sarcastic and snicker camp. my theory is that i balance her. that is not to say that i am not a happy person or that i do not giggle, i do. but especially when she is around my demeanor becomes the yang to her yin. here is the conversation that i had with my sister (a non-knitter) the other day…(for effect, imagine her speaking a zillion miles an hour)

me: hi, sis…

sis: hi tan-tan…hey are you going to make ashley and ally some fingerless gloves too?

me: so you got your (belated) birthday present? did you like it?

sis: the girls really want their own pair of gloves. and it would be cute to have matching scarves…

me: so did you like the gloves?

sis: ashley loves pink right now…and ally is obsessed with yellow.


sis: …oh, yes! i’m going to use them when i play tennis. and the girls want some too…{insert chatter here}

as i’ve said before, i DO miss my sister but i often come away from our phone calls a little frustrated. even though we live on opposite sides of the continent, we are still sisters and have the ability to drive the other crazy. for the record, i conceded and said i would try to knit the girls something before we see each other in las vegas. but can i say this:



ps – i did buy some encore (read: sturdy and machine-washable, something i should have used for my sis) to make them some scarves and fingerless gloves…but now i’m uninspired to knit. i’ve looked through a million patterns and googled a bunch, but i can’t get excited about it. do you have any suggestions?

pps – i’m stalking the mailperson. i’m still waiting for the CTH supersock and….my STR sock club kit!!

ppps – sorry no pics today….but i promise to post if my packages arrive!!!




3 responses

30 10 2006

LOL-I only have SILs, seems the same, they don’t ask for stuff, they just wonder why I knit. Did you check out knitting pattern central .com? They have some to browse. Seems lots of folks are making Fetching from Knitty too. I’m trying to imagine tennis and wool, sounds sweaty. Seema you have a list of knitting all of a sudden 😉

31 10 2006

🙂 sisters are funny – but ya gotta love them!

I did this pattern and really liked it:

31 10 2006

Maybe there’s hope that the neices will appriciate the hard work!

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