socktober/frogtober obits

28 10 2006

sockin’ molly (september 2006– frogtober 2006)

photo edit by df (thanks, babe)

best known for her ability to inspire the irish in all, molly could dance a jig that would make a leprechaun jealous. her twisted ribbing made us laugh and cry. she had a troubled life; rousing fits of complaints to her propensity to bleed onto hands and the fact that, well, she was JUST SO GREEN. molly will be most remembered and missed by those of “the unnamed sock club” of columbus, oh. she leaves behind two center-pull balls destined for over-dyeing.

mamluke (july 2006 – frogtober 2006)

photo edit by df (thanks, babe)

until his ill-fated end, there was never any doubt the character and strength of mamluke. to him, there was only black and white (er, cream) – never any shades of gray. his intentions were clear: to bring two-color knitting to the lives of all knitters. unfortunately, his loose floats led to his ultimate demise. mamluke is survived by his primary cousins, red, blue and yellow.

they will be sorely missed.


what a bummer.

socktober wasn’t completely a bust. i did come away with some sock yarn!! i am anxiously awaiting some CTH mill ends won from ebay in a blindingly brilliant green, and…


CTH supersock in blues and greens




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28 10 2006

The pond level rose high this month. Ouch. Nice score on the yarn though! I love scoring on EBay, got my 1st shoe-box full o’ needles there! I’m tryin to sharpen the skills & lose my mind enough to maybe join the 07 Socktoberfest. That CTH may make up for what’s in the pond!

28 10 2006

RIP (or in the dye pot as the case may be…)

29 10 2006

I had a little bit of Frogtober,too,your descriptions are much more humorous than mine. I like your CTH yarn and look forward to seeing pictures of your Ebay mill ends. There is a sock pattern in the new Knitters that I am thinking of knitting up in my CTH Winterberry.

30 10 2006

Like I actually got to play with my toys…maybe tomorrow when everyone’s out of the house. Today is gonna be bad, lot’s of running around & it’s knit night with the girls.

30 10 2006

That is some green yarn!! I love it – totally reminds me of the ocean!

Sorry to hear about the demise of your socks. I’m sure they will come back bigger, badder and better next time around! (was a frogtober for both of us it seems)

21 12 2006
end of year absence… « crankygrrrrrl

[…] i thought i should just check in with blogland…although i warn you, no yarn pr0n pictures today. even though some stash enhancement has occurred a la bmfa rockin sock club, my blog has been reduced to a stash blog rather than a knitting blog. and today, i don’t want to be that blogger. mindless knitting is great this time of year…here is this yarn, knit in a basic sock: […]

31 10 2007
boo. « crankygrrrrrl

[…] away….but….i guess i’m not surprised. last year october was christened “frogtober” as my knitting mojo dried up with the leaves. i started the month with good […]

31 10 2007
boo. « crankygrrrrrl

[…] away….but….i guess i’m not surprised. last year october was christened “frogtober” as my knitting mojo dried up with the leaves. i started the month with good […]

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