24 10 2006

i have decided to rename this month from ‘socktober’ to ‘frogtober’. at least for me. poor manny got her hopes up because of the three sock projects on the needles, two bit the dust. one still remains but i must tink back a couple of rows since i mussed up the pattern. what’s worse is that i have no pictures to show for it.

{insert picture of kinky yarn and naked needles here. yuk-yuk.}

i have gotten a little progress on demi done. i promise that pictures will be on the way. with yarn that color, one must wait for natural light…cross your fingers it will be sunny tomorrow. 🙂

on a brighter note, i leave with you a picture that nicely illustrates why i love my df so much.


what other man would spend hours researching toilet seats in such detail? (and yes, he puts the seat down EVERY time). love you, babe.




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24 10 2006
Valerie in San Diego

{laugh} that’s great (toilet seats) and not so great (frogging) and I think I’m right there with you on Frogtober. So far, I’m on my 5th massive frogging this month. Ew. And I thought I liked frogs.

—-edited by .: tani :. to add
fifth!!  girl, i think you won the frogtober prize.  “all hail valerie, queen of frogtober!!”

25 10 2006

That is too funny – my husband, I think would do the same thing! (though he doesnt’ put the seat down every time!)

I am sooooo with you on Frogtober! Booo!

25 10 2006
701480 Blog Verification

701480 Blog Verification


25 10 2006
Valerie in San Diego


It’s good to be the Queen. (If you have to frog, might as well be the Queen.)

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