a message…

12 10 2006

manny wanted me to let her write as a guest blogger today. [who is manny? remember this? (df decided that this was a good name for her.)] i was happy to oblige.

dear blogland,

i write to you with a heavy heart. i have been so lonely these past couple of months. my life-long goal has been to bring the joy of hand-knit socks to the world. but as of late, i have not been able to answer my calling – my destiny, even. i spend many days just gazing out the window.


since this was socktober, i anticipated the gloom and dreariness of non-sock-dom would lift. but alas, sometimes i just lay on the couch all day….


today, i decided to take a stand. even if i’m not DOING what i’ve worked for since i was just a “little piggy”, i can still send my message by TELLING the world how i feel. i just wanted to let you know that YOU should celebrate socktober, even if *some people*, and i’m not naming names or pointing toes, aren’t celebrating as much as they should. please hear me!! go find that perfect pattern, splurge on that special yarn and KNIT SOCKS!!!

me? don’t worry about me. {sigh}


…i find ways to pass the time.



p.s. – incidentally, i’m looking for work if you know anybody.




8 responses

12 10 2006

Oh my gosh – that is hilarious!!!! (and sad in a way…)

PS – Manny, shoot me an email, I can have plenty of work for you!

12 10 2006

Thankfully I was not drinking anything when I read this. That may have hurt. Poor Manny.

12 10 2006

poor Manny… my current project is baby socks, does she have a child?

12 10 2006

Awww… make that sad ol’ leg some socks!! Manny’d probably find some use for a Demi, as well… she *does* seem awfully desperate. :o)

13 10 2006

Aw, I do hope Manny’s wishes become fulfilled!

13 10 2006


13 10 2006

Sorry, Manny. Not much sock-finishing going on here either. I had such HOPES for this month. Sadly, there is only 1/2 of 1 sock to show for the month.

Do you mind much if your toes peek out through the bottom of the sock?

21 11 2006

CG–i LOVE the changes to your blog!!!! who knew you so funny? HA HA!!! your work knitting buddy. see you next week have a good holiday.

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