socktoberfest festivities commencing….later

2 10 2006

okay! okay! i admit that i have not gotten on the ball for socktoberfest. i really did think about it. until demi completely, totally and utterly distracted me. i stared at the yarn and pattern for days. i imagined what it would be like to knit with such a soft and cushy yarn. would it be scratchy? too heavy? the yarn has a sort of handspun quality to it. there are thick and thin portions and little nubs of color that stick out at the most unexpected moments. (perfect for hiding uneven stitching?) i wondered how my hands would hold up to such BIG yarn and needles. (read: not sock yarn or miniscule needles). i planned to knit demi once i had the socktoberfest activities in gear…you know, as a break from sock knitting. because i am a sock knitter, you know.

i tried gift knitting as a distraction. two pairs of fetching completed. one to go. even as i carefully wrapped my gifts in tissue paper and yarn the rowan yorkshire tweed was calling out a siren song…demi would make such a wonderful sweater, don’t you think?…i shook it off…BUT ANYWAY…

the crankygrrrrrl socktoberfest was safe. i did not own the right needles. i could not swatch though i yearned to do so. (a rare thing indeed, i hate to swatch, in fact, never do for socks…. ) but then something inside of me clicked. i HAD to start the sweater. i just HAD to. despite every rational bone in my body saying, “tani, you really need to finish the projects at hand. and by the way, you are trying to save for the family vacation in las vegas. and by the way, you don’t need more yarn…”

and then there was knitpicks. darn it.


options needles & misc accessories. and yarn.

i bought the options needle set (love it), the chart keeper, needle sizer and some US0 dpn’s. i also had my eye on the alpaca cloud to knit up a light sweater to wear at home over a chemise nightgown. here’s the closeup:


knitpicks alpaca cloud in smoke (3 hanks)
100% baby alpaca; 440 yards / 50 gm hank
pattern: (name?) lace cardi from vogue knitting 2005 holiday issue

i was defeated. unable to contain myself, i swatched. how wonderful!! i was filled with so much excitement. i’m starting a real ‘big’ project (of course socks are real projects, just not big ones). i had many fits and starts…swatching 3 times, starting and frogging, frogging and restarting…i now have something to show for it. please pretend you do not see the ‘supertwisted’ stitch on the 9th row.


demi sleeve rib
i’m a bit farther, but couldn’t get a decent picture…

socktoberfest? what’s socktoberfest?

oh, now don’t you worry. now that i’ve started demi i won’t forget my other wips. in fact, once i get the laundry done i’m going to spend some time with molly. unless i get sidetracked with the blue ribbon biscuits that firefly tempted me with!!




4 responses

2 10 2006

That smoke colored yarn is sooooo pretty. Hopefully my biscuits will only side track you briefly … but possibly often if you like them!


2 10 2006

Whoo, Demi prevails!

3 10 2006

Knitpicks is so tempting!! Looks like you got enough to keep you busy for a while. The yarn for Demi is such a great color – it reminds me of some Tahki Soho Tweed I used for Banff a while back….cushy and so warm!

27 12 2006
alpaca allergies and simple socks in cth blues/greens « crankygrrrrrl

[…] you see, i really wanted to knit a beautiful lace sweater. i found a gorgeous pattern (from vogue holiday /05 issue) in a somewhat simple stitch. i picked out and purchased my yarn…..then i cast on for my swatch. now. i’m really not a lace kind-a gal. it takes too much concentration and i really only have snippets of time to knit (hence, i’m a sock knitter), but i really wanted to make this sweater. i was miserable. the yarn was impossibly small for the giant needles the pattern called for (at least for me). but i trudged on….and knit my swatch. the guage was off but it was pretty…man-o-man. my eyes were watering, my throat was scratchy and i was sniffling up a storm. […]

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