25 09 2006

esteemed sock gods and goddesses STOP having trouble with motivation for sock wips STOP need good sock mojo STOP please rescue mamluke and molly STOP will wait for your divine intervention STOP please hurry as socktoberfest is fast approaching STOP

the motivation for finishing my sock WIPS is lacking. (sigh). in the past, i rarely got distracted, and had only one WIP at a time. these days, there’s always something shiny and new. i blame the vast community of knit bloggers out there. and all of the yarn pr0n out on the net. and the great knitterly deals on ebay. take for instance this:


rowan yorkshire tweed aran in darkside #414
160 m / 100% wool
; 10 x 100 g balls

i found this steal while searching for yarn for gifts of fingerless gloves. though i am on a yarn diet, i couldn’t resist. i bought the whole bag for less than $8 a ball including shipping. hooray!!! hip-hip, hooray!! recently, rita (my bestest friend in the whole world) bought me a couple of pattern books for my birthday, one of which was rowan’s vintage knits. i immediately fell in love with this pattern:

060904_vintage knits1

demi from vintage knits by rowan

love the pattern (minus the bobbles), love the color, love, love, love….i don’t think anyone could resist!! here’s the problem. i rarely knit on anything larger than a size 2 needle, much less the 7’s and 8’s the pattern calls for. so i don’t have all the tools needed! so i can’t swatch!! wah! well, let’s take this as a sign. i’ll finish my socks before i move on to more ambitious projects.

i hope that telegram gets there soon.




5 responses

25 09 2006

That is a beautiful sweater. If you don’t make it, I will come to whereever you live and drop off a set of my 7 & 8’s just so you can!

26 09 2006

I’m itching to start Demi too–I have my yarn AND my needles–now I just need to find some time. Sigh.

27 09 2006

demi is one of my faves too – the color yarn you got is so perfect – such a deal!!!! I hate waiting to swatch!

1 10 2006

I am dropping a “note” to let you know that I came across your blog this morning and have been enjoying your humor and lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing!

1 10 2006

Great yarn + great pattern = one great knitting féte. I heart the yarn, which I purchased as well, and am currently knitting the Central Park Hoodie (Knitscene Fall 2006) out of it (check it out at, though I had to fight myself not to make the Demi with it. I may be going back and getting another bag of the Yorkshire tweed aran in *wild plum* to make the Demi. Right on about skipping the bobbles. Hope you can swatch and cast on soon!

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