sockin’ molly woes

18 09 2006

i normally don’t get so distracted with my projects. up until recently, i was a one project kinda gal. but these days i get easily distracted and find myself wanting to cast on for different projects. that’s exactly what happened to me when i finished the gusset/started the instep of sockin’ molly. the sock took a back seat to my pumpkin fetchings and me daydreaming about my next wip’s. but today, i happened upon lolly’s socktoberfest (yeah! go sign up. it will be fun.) and got inspired to pick up molly.

take a look.


sockin’ molly stalled

i’m just not liking the transition from the pattern to the instep. and the heel looks funny to me. should i plod on and risk sss? or do i rip back? maybe a short row heel will look better…and maybe extend the pattern a bit on the instep?


(picks up another ball of yarn…)

maybe i should start something else (or finish another wip)!




5 responses

18 09 2006

this picture looks good, I like how the colors are forming as you go down the leg….nice job

19 09 2006

You’re doing a great job. I find with some sock patterns that it actually looks better if the pattern extends onto the instep. I suppose it really depends on the pattern or what the knitter likes or prefers.

The shades of green are so calming and lovely.

21 09 2006

I think they look great – but, I think it would look better with the pattern on the top of the foot! I generally carry the pattern the whole way, but if I’m doing plain socks, I’ll just do the ribbing on the leg. The color looks really nice, and I don’t see anything wrong with the heel at all!

22 09 2006

I really like it – maybe a short row heel?

25 09 2006
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