meet titania

16 09 2006

what a good day! this morning i woke up to find a package in my mailbox. (gasp) it was from oregon! surely ohio would have to be one of the last states to mail out! i was one of the last to get my package for peaseblossom. {squish} nope, it’s soft…it must be my package!!

i’ve cut the post to prevent sock spoilage for you STR club members….click through to see the fun!!

oh, in the next day or so, i’ll show you what i did with my suri merino.

may i have the pleasure of introducing you to titania


meet titania

and look at all the stuff crammed into the package!


yes, you do see two patterns there!!! and who couldn’t use more emergency sock yarn?

this month, titania’s revenge is designed by the sock mistress herself, cookie a. i *love* this pattern and will definitely be using it on the yarn. it has a beautiful lace pattern and diagonal cable sweeping across the top of the instep. so unusual. so cookie a.

in the foreground of the picture is a cute mini-skein of emergency yarn and a postcard for, get this, knitting camp! and not just any old knitting camp, it’s the ‘rocking sock camp 2007’! how i would love to go. unfortunately, i don’t see this in the stars for me. i plan on going back to school to finish my degree (finally). 😦

i’m puzzled about the second pattern…did anybody else get this in their package? i wonder if it slipped into my package by mistake.

(edit) oh, nevermind…i finally read through the letter. *blush*




3 responses

16 09 2006

Man, that is some nice looking yarn. I am constantly kicking myself for not signing up for that club when i had the chance.

17 09 2006

I need to get out more shops, which lys had that sale?

19 09 2006

Beautiful yarn!

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