denmark socks, they are finished!!

4 09 2006

even though i am knitting the pattern ‘denmark’, i’ll sheepishly admit i know very little about the country.

<furiously types, then clicks> don’t you just love google?

the lonely planet describes denmark as “the littlest and most southern of the scandinavian countries, denmark offers a storybox mix of lively cities and rural countryside. ancient castles, ring forts, jazz festivals, the sleekest modern design you’ll ever see and the people who invented lego – who could ask for more?”… <click, click, scroll…> ah! and knitting as political statement was recently the buzz in copenhagen…anybody ever been?

anyway, i am happy to report that the socks are finally done. i just finished kitchenering the toe and bravely attempted photographing the finished project by the light from our ceiling fan. (it’s not pretty, folks, but the studio is out of commission. df is on ‘phase 1’ of finishing our basement). forgive the bad lighting, lack of creativity and blurriness.


denmark socks, from knitting on the road by nancy bush
yarnsmith’s sockezze in jazz
2 oz/145 yds; 90% wool/10% nylon
started: august 17, 2006
completed: september 3, 2006
needles: set of 5, #2 lantern moon ebonies

here is a gratuitous close up shot:


i twisted the stiches that i picked up from the heel, is it worth it?

these socks will shortly be on their way to my mother’s as a birthday present for her. she has been requesting hand-knit socks but refused to give me any guidelines as to what she wanted. hm. i hope she appreciates my first attempt at cables. otherwise, i suppose i could go shopping for more yarn…i’ve been very good these past few months, although stacey has told me that CTH is having a labor day sale…

<gets up and runs away from the computer…must…stay…strong…>




10 responses

4 09 2006

They look lovely … your mom will love them.


4 09 2006

Gorgeous socks — I love the colours in that yarn!

4 09 2006

I love them! That colorway is fab! haha Shame on you for posting this just in time for laborday! My wallet is not pleased, but I am *grin*

Your mum will love them!

4 09 2006

Just beautiful! Great job!

4 09 2006

Just beautiful! Great job!

4 09 2006

The socks look great, and I love the colours in the yarn! I think I’m going to have to do what I can to get me a copy of the book they are in.

6 09 2006

Beautiful job – you’re mom’s feet will thank you!

I got my CTH yarn today!!! I’m finishing up pics and will post soon….they are bright!

7 09 2006

I wish I could see your pictures! Curse Websense!

9 09 2006
Lisa the Waitress

I don’t knit, alas, but I do take pictures. Would you mind telling me what kind of camera you use? The clarity is really great. I love the picture of the cat especially. Secondly, can you tell me more about your lightbox? I am looking for something to put in my kitchen because I have like 10 spotlights in my ceiling and they cast shadows everywhere.


15 12 2006
Birthe Filby

Great socks, and I am Danish so I know socks. Make them all the time when watching TV, have to with the news these days.
Keep it up and have a Glœdelig Jul and Godt Nytår

from Birthe, lille Miscat and all the squirrels in NH

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