i’ve learned something today

1 09 2006

1. never say that you’re going to post something unless you are

um, yeah, links to my resources, not so much…and about taking digital pictures…it’s a challenge, especially in the wrong light. i spend the last hour trying to play with my little studio, and all i’ve got to show for it is some lousy pictures. bleh.

2. always have the first sock with you so that you knit the second sock identically

the pattern for the heel didn’t make sense so i just centered the stitches and went from there…but on my second denmark sockezze socks, i used more stitches…and now it looks all wonky. rrrrrrriiiiipp. 😦

3. when frustrated, go to target, you’re sure to get a pick me up!

yet another non-knitting post. i offer up these two photos as a consolation.



this is one of my cats. i should say was one of my cats. we had to find a home for him and his brother merlin, a black cat. my closest family and friends were deathly allergic to them. (picture this – at get togethers they would stand outside of the sliding glass doors and look into the party). sniff. i miss them so. df was charged with finding the boys a home with “a crazy cat lady”, where they would live together, and i would have visitation rights. amazingly, he did (love you babe!)…they are now living very happily with a new baby kitty brother and an older dog sibling.


our new pet is less cuddly but very sweet.



meet zoe. (say hello zoe…<gurgle!>)

zoe is a female beta fish. she used to live in bsd’s room, but now she lives in the kitchen. she doesn’t greet us at the door but gets very excited when we come to spend time with her (it’s true!). she doesn’t cuddle, though.

at least she doesn’t get into the yarn.




One response

1 09 2006
Valerie in San Diego

AWww… Tyler is gorgeous. And hey, Zoe’s not so shabby herself! You can get forgiven for anything when you post pet pictures, that’s for sure.

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