did i forget to mention…

28 08 2006

that i brought myself some knitting momentos from my newport trip?

i was only able to visit one lys on my newport visit (i tried! really! but like i said, my family really packs it in…). newport is a beautiful town on the harbor. from the hotel, we had breathtaking views. plus, we were just steps away from shopping, eating and….um….is there anything else? df and i also went to two local skate parks. that is, for skateboarding. (yes, i have a skateboard. yes, i do use it. yes, i am very bad at it. okay, i can at least ride around.) we visited the original water brothers surf and skate. so did rachael ray (not at the same time)!

back to the yarn. we took a special walk down thames street just to visit knitting needles, the lys. the selection of sock yarn was skimpy, mostly of the self-striping variety. but they had many beautiful yarns, including and entire wall of embroidery yarns that took my breath away. i requested ‘something local’…and the nice lady helping me pointed to this:


needles handcrafted in rhode island

aren’t they beautiful? i tried to select a pair of needles in the smallest size they had available. but as you can see, the smallest size offered is 8.


the fine print reads: adult supervision is recommended (ha!)

i ended up with some 11’s. i plan to display them when df finishes our joint office/craft room. oh, and that ball of yarn in the background?


kfi cashmereno
55% merino wool/33% microfiber/12% cashmere
2 balls (135m/50g)

i scored some of the legendary kfi cashmereno (now discontinued, i believe), enough for a deliciously soft pair of socks. yeah! i’m thinking a simple cable pattern for these…what do you suggest? and while i’m asking, what do you think of the photos? i’m having white balance issues…and lighting issues, but that is another post for another day…




6 responses

29 08 2006

I love your photos. And your needles. And your yarn. That should make some super yummy socks 🙂

29 08 2006
Valerie in San Diego

wow! the needles are gorgeous. So subtle and gleamy.

29 08 2006

The photography is looking great … and those needles are so gorgeous. Are you sure you didn’t buy those for me for my birthday?

All of the shots are great, but my favorite is the first shot, showing the tops of the needles in sharp focus and everything else soft behind them. Very artistic!


29 08 2006

Lovely needles and yarn! You might like to check out the handmade needles in my store – smaller size and very similar style!

29 08 2006

I think the needles are pretty neat; great idea for picking up a “local” souvenir.

The pic looks good on my monitor… maybe its the neutral tone of the subjects?

30 08 2006

I love newport! We got married on Goat Island a few years back – just beautiful!

I know Danelle Taylor used to sell quite a bit on Ebay – she must have set up her own store – she had some great stuff!

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