denmark sockezze in newport (Yarnsmith’s sockezze yarn review)

27 08 2006

since i was on vacation, i took full advantage of the travel time to knit. (did you know that knitting needles are on the tsa permitted items list?) i’m a big fan of nancy bush patterns/books, and knitting on the road is no exception. while some people make the travel experience a bit easier with a photocopied pattern, i tend to bring my pattern books with me. because of its small size, it’s the best option i have to take on short and long trips. i always carry a different ball of yarn and extra needles in case i grow bored of what i am currently working (is it any wonder i don’t venture out into bigger projects often? ), so carrying a book full of patterns for a new sock makes sense to me. wanna see what i am working on?


yarnsmith’s sockezze in jazz colorway

this yarn was difficult to photograph because of the dark colors…but on my monitor, the colors look spot on. gena gifted this yarn to me for christmas last year (thank you! my first gift of yarn!).

yarnsmith’s is a fiber business out of spingfield, ohio. the website says they offer spinning, felting and knitting supplies. the yarns are offerred in handpainted colorways by the fiber artist danette taylor (out of north carolina)…i have yet to visit their yarn shop, but i hear that may be worth it. interestingly enough, sockezze is not mentioned on the site. hmmmm. i know of only one lys that carries yarnsmith yarn in columbus (and it’s sockezze). sockezze is a 90/10 blend of wool and nylon. the hanks are 2.0 oz with about 145 yards, so at least two skeins are needed for a pair of socks. the ball band recommends a handwash in cold water and laying flat to dry.

here’s a sneak peak of my socks:



denmark socks, knitting on the road by nancy bush
yarnsmith’s sockezze in jazz
2 oz/145 yds; 90% wool/10% nylon
started: august 17, 2006
needles: set of 5, #2 lantern moon ebonies

the yarn has a nice feel to it. the twist is somewhere between baby ull and cth supersock. i found that i rarely spit the yarn. the fabric it creates is quite sproing-y, somewhat denser than i expected, but still soft and supple. i think it will make a good winter sock.

i’ve knit about 1.3333333 socks and so far, i enjoyed knitting with it. i’d use the yarn again and look forward to my next pair of sockezze socks. however, a big drawback is the size of the skein. at a puny 145 yards, you’ll be sweating if you’ll have a enough yarn to finish the toes! i was especially surprised since i have small feet…this was the first time i ever worried about yardage. mental note: toe-up socks for this yarn.

i’ve been messing around with the camera and my studio lately….i think i’m getting a little better. in the picture below i was exploring the “manual” focus on our fully digital camera. rita gave me the second volume in the vogue knitting stitchionary series:



vogue knitting stitchionary, vol i & ii
thank you rita!




4 responses

27 08 2006

I love the yarn picture on the white background. Looks like the yarn is just floating in your blog! Well done!! Oh, and neat socks too.

28 08 2006

Photography is coming along quite nicely … isn’t it! Very lovely.

I also like the yarn shot, very creative way to show it off. And the book shot looks great.


28 08 2006
Valerie in San Diego

Wow, those colors are amazing – and your sock is looking great!

1 09 2006
i’ve learned something today « crankygrrrrrl

[…] 2. always have the first sock with you so that you knit the second sock identically the pattern for the heel didn’t make sense so i just centered the stitches and went from there…but on my second denmark sockezze socks, i used more stitches…and now it looks all wonky. rrrrrrriiiiipp. […]

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