i’m back!

24 08 2006

hello again! the trip to newport was great. and in my family tradition, after 5 days on vacation, i am exhausted. we went to a beautiful wedding, did ‘newport’ things, and ate ALOT of food. but instead of relaxing…we had to pack in as much as we could into the short time that we were there. my df and i, however, have different ideas than my family of what vacation should be like. that is, no long car trips and lots of relaxation. suffice it to say, we took a vacation from our vaction with my family. i must admit, it was my favorite day of the past week. 🙂

much to my chagrin, traveling through logan airport in boston was a nightmare: going there wasn’t bad at all…but coming back was a NIGHTMARE. picture a 1.75 hour drive, 2 cars, boston traffic, boston detours, rude and aggressive drivers, returning two rental cars, hopping a bus to get to the airport….then being dropped off at the wrong terminal…the clock is ticking…finding a way back to the right terminal…managing 12 suitcases for 8 people .…only 45 minutes until the flight departs…losing the boarding passes…waiting in a hellishly long line….stupid people…getting a boarding pass…getting into the line at security….realizing that you only have one boarding pass instead of two…then getting the pass and going through security….confiscating $20 lip gloss x 2….then getting on the plane at the last minute. whew! these things didn’t all happen to me…but to the collective group i was traveling with…talk about stress.

since we’ve been back i have been lazing around, browsing the web and trying to catch up on my blog reading. (you blog-land folks write a lot)…and i have yet to upload any vacation pictures, but i promise they will come. i’m also playing around with my mini-studio.

it’s good to be back…




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