cankle socks

17 08 2006

(boston accent:) ev-ah feel like a sock goes on forev-ah and ev-ah? the combination of this yahn and stockinette made this pai-ah take for-eh-vah. lion brand was the only sock yahn that i ev-ah saw when i st-ahted knitting.  of course, i only thought you could buy yahn at the craft store at that time, too.  my first ev-vah pai-ah of socks were lion brand (if you check to the left of this photo you can see one peeking from behind my presents)…anyway, here they ah in all of theiah glory:


cankle socks, my own basic pattern with larger ankles
for lisa, pregnant and suffering from swollen ankles
lb simple stripes in sea blue stripe
100 gm/ 300 m; 75% wool/25% nylon
started: august 2006
completed: august 2006
needles: 4 – #2 metal dpns (?brand)


they don’t look all that different from a normally proportioned pair of socks…but on the model:




ahhhhh! sock relief!


i’m still experimenting with my new mini-photo studio. as i’ve mentioned before, i’m no ansel adams (probably a bad comparison since my ‘work’ is in color)…i’m also missing a few pieces to the studio…like a mini-infinity backdrop and, um, photo talent. 😉 anyone know a good, beginner web resource?


why the accent? i’ll be taking a break from the blog over the weekend and then some. we are off to newport (via boston) for a wedding…and i need to plan my lys tour! i’ll try to take some worthwhile photos to share…and i’ll have a cuppah chowdah for you since you won’t be able to join us! bye for now!




One response

18 08 2006

Your pregnant friend’s feet and ankles will be so well cared for in the cankles. Your photography looks very crisp and clear, very clean and well executed.

Is that you modelling the cankles, and did you have to lay down on the floor and whip the camera back behind yourself in some sort of odd backwards “C” position to get the shot?


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