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15 08 2006

it’s a bit early to be celebrating even a one-month blog birthday…but today is my birthday! no, i didn’t have a big hoop-la, i did have a fantasticaly chill day (aside from the fact that i was scheduled to work the graveyard shift on my birthday-eve!). i was greeted this morning at the garage door. my fiance, redbull in hand, planted a big kiss and hug, then stepped aside to revealed a pile of presents in coordinating wrapping paper. i was too excited to grab my camera…but here is the aftermath:



omg!! how perfect is this present? (thank you baby!) i gotta say that i am the luckiest girl in the world. (i posed $$ restrictions on all purchases cuz the budget is tightening up and he still managed to get me something above and beyond my expectations) now why would a girl be excited about a mannequin foot, a lightbox, a mini-tripod and a lamp? most people out in the real world wouldn’t be excited but i do know that you blogland folk know just how exciting my present really is. well, duh, it’s a photo studio for my knit blogging adventures!! wanna see my first pictures?



aren’t those preetey? my df’s parents got me a mum to plant in our mulch beds.



…and this camo-goodness is a gift of shephard’s sock from gena (what a great knitting buddy)!

you know, once you get to a certain age, the thrill of getting another year older starts to wear off (my bsd turned nine this year and a few short months later she is already looking forward to being a pre-tween, wearing make-up and miniskirts, and getting a cell phone- i’m getting heartburn just thinking about it). this year marks my passing into “the thirty-something club”. while i don’t feel that thirty-one is old…i am keenly aware that my perspective at 21 was much different than it is now, and my priorities have changed. for one, it’s not ‘all about me’ anymore, it’s about my family. a decade later, i’ve learned it’s not about the destination (the job, the money, the ‘whatever’)…it’s about the journey. i’ve slowed down and started to enjoy life. i highly recommend it. 🙂






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16 08 2006

Happy birthday! and what a great colection of gifts!! I have enjoyed the thirties although when a friend pointed out that we are now pushing 40 I did get a little chill… Happy clicking!

16 08 2006

Happy (belated) Birthday!

And yes, I definitely recommend Montreal. 🙂

16 08 2006

Happy Birthday! Very cool gifts – he done good 🙂 Your lucky blog readers are the beneficiaries of these wonderful photos — thank him for us too, kay? Now we want to see some socks on the mannequin!

17 08 2006

That’s a fabulous gift/idea!!

17 08 2006

Amazing pictures. Have a blast doing cables – you’re a natural.

29 08 2006

Wow! What an amazing husband. I’d love all those same things as a gift. For the same reasons too. Where did he manage to find the leg? I’ve been looking for one of those.

12 10 2006
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24 01 2010
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