old fo, mamluke update and cankles (not necessarily related)

7 08 2006

what do you do if you have bad pictures of an old fo that are unsalvageable even through the magic of photoshop? post them.

well, technically you don’t have to post them. but admittedly i haven’t made much progress on my mamluke socks. so i am filling the void with past projects.

the socks, below, were a gift to one of my first knitting friends. i love this pattern. it is complicated enough that it is interesting, yet mental gymnastics are not too tough…good for tv watching. these were knit during a marathon of ‘lost’ episodes. my df and i decided that we should figure out what the hype was about….so the ONLY logical thing to do was watch from the first episode until we caught up with season two. well, we’re hooked…and i have a very cute pair of socks (and a very bad picture – hey i gave you the best i could with what i had to work with) to commemorate it:


child’s first sock in shell pattern, knitting vintage socks by nancy bush
for gena, just because
cth supersock merino yarn in indian summer purchased on ebay
113 gm/ 370 yds; 100% merino wool
Started: April 2006
Completed: April 2006
Needles: 2 – #1 addi turbo 24″ circs

gena says that she is afraid to wear them and muss them up. honey, i say go ahead! enjoy them, throw ’em in the washer….but pull them out to air dry. if you superly-love them. give them a good handwashing/air dry. my cth socks have survived my ‘no hand-washing’ rule…heck, even survived a few trips through the dryer. (but i would definitely recommend the air dry for longer-lastingness).

speaking of longer-lastingness (of knitting hell) the mamlukes, meh,i am so discouraged!! last week i went to a sock knitting group (yeah! first organized knitting social i’ve had the privilege of attending) where i was told i could solve my tension problems by carrying my floats (boo! bad student!). i’ve never been very good with strict instruction (sorry lynn!)…i need more of a process where i get the gist but then ‘wing it’ from there. this is why the internet and books are the first place i got to for instruction…then i just ‘figure it out’. up until my attempt at fair isle knitting, this has been a successful process for me.

i think that i’ll put down the two-color knitting for a bit and get some mindless knitting in (don’t worry, i won’t give up…we’re just on “a break”)….i’ve been currently working on a gift started at the request of a pregnant friend.

let’s not beat around the bush. she has cankles (albeit temporary…oh come on, calf-ankles!). so i set to work at making a pair of slouchy socks to accommodate her…and hopefully a matching pair for the little bundle of joy set to come in about a month or two…let’s hope he doesn’t have cankles too 😉 (i only have 100 g of yarn for the both of them). any pattern suggestions for the newborn? it’s one of the last two balls of lb simple stripes in my stash. i hoarded this stuff when it went on sale at the local craft store. i have since ‘graduated’ to a more expensive yarn habit (hence the current yarn diet), but cankles wanted blue socks and that’s what i have in my stash! pictures of the wip in my next post if there is any progress…




2 responses

7 08 2006

What is the pattern stitch on the ankles of the socks in the photo? I can’t quite make it out, but it looks cool. The photos isn’t so bad, really.

Oh, and here is a link to a free baby bootie pattern at Berroco … one idea at least:



if i remember correctly, it was a k2,p2 rib.  my picture taking skills have much to be desired…i had to crop out the cuffs since the picture wasn’t so

thanks for the pattern…it’ll get me going in the right direction 🙂

7 08 2006

I haven’t made them, but a friend swears by these

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