too good to be true…

27 07 2006

admit it. who doesn’t like a good magazine subscription. i have had dozens of magazines delivered into my grubby little hands. mags aout food, world news, beauty, business, technology, nursing….the list goes on and on. each month i would fling open the mailbox door in anticipation of my next “fix”….and then, i found ebay.

admittedly, the number of magazine subscriptions has dwindled in my household. i’m not planning a wedding (though i should be) and i’m too lazy i don’t aspire for rock hard abs (though i should). but have you seen the deals? a neighbor bought a three year subscription to a fly-fishing magazine for a little over the cost of a tall frappuccino at starbucks. seriously. i know, i know, who in the world wants a fly-fishing magazine (apparently his father-in-law).

anyway, i bit. i decided it was time i started to read some nursing journals. well, the magazines came as promised…but, in the span of one week i recieved 4 back issues. what a rip-off. eh. oh well, lesson learned.

on the flip side, df did renew a subscription of a skateboarding magazine…and there hasn’t been a blip in service.

i was very bummed to see that there was only one knitting magazine up for sale. i consoled myself to a 5-issue subscription to interweave knits. see, this story isn’t all bad.

for those unenlightened…here’s what came in the mail last week:


and…(the pattern didn’t photograph too well, but here is the link to my redbirdknits july sock.)



have a good friday!

ps- have you checked out my “about” page yet?




One response

30 07 2006

I jsut subscribed to IK too 🙂 I asked them to start the sub during fall, but they duplicated my summer issue– waiting to hear back from them (I’ve heard they’ll fix it)… I just want the fall issue now 🙂

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