woe is me

25 07 2006

first let me preface my story with an email….

Date: Jul 3, 2006 10:52 AM
Subject: broken ebony dpn
To: mail@lanternmoon.com

To whom it may concern:

I recently purchased a set of your #2 US ebony dpns from YarnMarket.com. They are beautiful needles, but was very dissappointed as one of the needles snapped the first time that I used them. Is this common for your ebony needles? I was contacting you to see what steps I need to take to have this needle replaced. I was hoping to purchase #1’s in the future if this was not a common problem. Thank you in advance for your quick response.



here was the response:

Hello –

Sorry for the delay in responding to you. Thank you for purchasing a Lantern Moon needle. Rest assured we stand behind our product and will provide you with replacement needles.

Thanks for including your address – we’ll get a replacement out – pronto!

Happy knitting –

Annette Pronk
Lantern Moon

i was elated!! i had heard on some message boards that the company was very responsive to their customers, but i never dreamed that they would be that good!! naturally, i’ve been stalking my mailperson since I got the email.

of course, there is a twist to this story. (inevitably, there always is). today, i arrived home from my weekly knitting at a local shop to find that the doormat was covering something. more often than not it is a package that my df had ordered: a {insert geeky object du jour here}. no, today was MY lucky day. it was a packaged shippped from oregon from none other than lantern moon!

but something was amiss…the cardboard tube was bent.

exhibit #1:


hm. “well,” i thought to myself, “these packages are tough, surely there is nothing wrong with my needle.”

exhibit #2:


“oh my. was the delivery guy looking at my package??!” (pretend the tape was mostly intact)

exhibit #3:


“whew. got the needles. wait. needles? they sent me two replacements!!! but, what’s this….?”

exhibit #4:


“oh, the horror.”

exhibit #5:


what’s a girl to do? i really can’t complain to lantern moon because they went above and beyond. but hey, there is a little injustice going on here. should i contact ups? lantern moon? or both?


at least i have a full set of beautiful ebony dpns.

{please ignore the fact that i am lusting over the ebonies that were featured in aija’s blog}




2 responses

26 07 2006

I hate admitting I’m giggling at your photo essay 🙂

28 07 2006

Definitely complain to UPS. This was their problem, not Lantern Moon’s. It takes a lot of force to crack one of those heavy cardboard tubes. Maybe you could get enough to fund those #1s you were looking at…

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