it’s july 27 already?!?

27 07 2005

hello again! by a stroke of (bad) luck, my preceptor was sick today. that means, a free day for me! unfortunately that also means that i have to find at least another 8 hours to cover this clinical day…which is no small feat considering my work schedule.

i’m settling into my own skin as a future np and i thought i’d share my thought of the day.

let’s set the record straight. i’m not in this program to save the world. i don’t aspire to feed every mouth and clothe every naked baby. i want a job with stability. i want a job in a cush suburban area where i don’t have to carry mace with me from the car to the clinic. the saving the world thing is a bonus…and while working with the underserved population gives me some warm fuzzies, i’m probably not going to find myself here after i graduate….but, that’s not to say that i don’t enjoy working with this population…or that i’m not compassionate of their situations….or that ANY baby is just darn cute! why all the self disclosure today? dunno. i guess i find myself in the minority when it comes to my classmates. you know, the future missionaries, the political lobbyists, the strong woman faction….or whatever the cause du jour. i just wanted to tell you that it’s okay that i don’t have a pet cause, or have that burning desire to (fill in the blank) for (insert population here) because of (whatever tragedy befalls them).

but before you label me a heartless bitch, i do think that my saving grace is that i am able to connect with whomever is my patient, er, mostly. i think that translates to the patient that i’m invested in their physical/social/emotional health, and bottom line, that’s what matters.

well, that and…i don’t kill them.




2 responses

28 07 2005

Yeah, I hate that “don’t kill them part”. When I was an x-ray tech I always had this horrible fear I’d develop an x-ray backward or something and someone’s arm would get cut off instead of having a nail removed. Notice I am no longer an x-ray tech.

28 07 2005

Oh, and welcome back to the blogosphere.–>

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