27 06 2005

wanted to write a note to let you all know that my life it a bit crazy right now. imagine having to work full time, as a new nurse i might add, going to school…mix in some clinicals (for nurse practitioner/masters degree)…and sprinkle with 900+ pages of reading and assignments weekly.

this of course doens’t include the homework for ‘classes’ at work, the reading associated with the new work environment and then even more reading for my new clinical site policies.

now add car maintenance issues and general home cleanliness. (may i add, i don’t know how i could get through this w/o my dear fiance…)

must get to work!




One response

25 07 2005

I’m glad to see your blog is still up and running and you’re still going strong. I like to think I’m completely, unquestionably 100% responsible for that fact. You’re clever and articulate as always, a pleasure to read. Meanwhile, I’ve posted nothing in months. Considering I live in Japan now and have been to Australia and New Caledonia since the last time I posted, you’d think I’d have something worth talking about. Hey, this comment is suddenly all about me. Did you notice that?

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