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16 06 2005

(please note that a long and thoughtful post was composed, including meaningful insights into being a nurse today…but fucking blogger lost it. a synopsis follows)

so my first day was good. a bit overwhelming. my patient is probably brain dead. ventilators suck. nurse-patient/family interaction is difficult.

that’s all the energy that i have left.

somedays i just hate technology.




5 responses

20 06 2005
John Q. Pubic

I’m sure that the shorter boring version was as good as the longer interesting version. I hate when that happens. Maybe tomorrow you’ll be more motivated on filling us in.

21 06 2005

Like, you think he’s braindead, or the doctor does?

21 06 2005
.:: tani ::.

ah, I have been off the floor for more orientation and such…no medical dx (they were still ruling out cardiac-related causes of his condition…but I was wondering what was the point…)was made as of when I was caring for the patient. I learned later from another new nurse that the family has decided to withdraw any life-support.

21 06 2005

Oh. I’m sorry.

21 06 2005

Dude, when are we going to the tea house?–>

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