checking in

17 05 2005

it’s getting towards the end of the quarter, so my posts are getting fewer and farther-er between. please accept my humble apologies. admittedly, since i’ve been so busy with the mundane details of school and work, nothing new and exciting has occurred. i haven’t even had time for self reflection.

i have, however, been obessessed with my newly planted mulch bed. i even ventured into the land of herb gardening. of the two dozen or so plants purchased and transplanted into the ground, i am happy/sad to report only three casualties. the frost got to them even with my best efforts to cover the poor babies. the next two weeks they are to fend for themselves…i will be studying for finals. i hope they make it. keep your (green) thumbs crossed for them.

i wonder if all new gardeners are so consumed by their gardens….my fiance told me that the other night i almost pushed him off the bed. he woke up and asked me what was wrong….my response? (according to him i screamed,) “THE PLANTS!!!”

note to self, lay off the miracle grow.




One response

26 05 2005

After Slate’s enlightening article, I am proud to announce I am a first-time gardener myself. Yesterday after work I went to Lowe’s and bought myself a window planter, some Miracle Grow dirt, and then proceded to Kroger to buy some Mccormick’s Poppy seeds. Yes indeed.

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