blood, sweat & tears

27 04 2005

…okay, maybe just a little sweat. today is day 2 of my “get back into shape” initiative. 30 minutes on the elliptical was more of a head trip than physical work. i kept thinking to myself, “myself, i can’t do this anymore!!!”. fortunately, i talked myself out of it. in my glory days i was a finely tuned machine…but a decade later i’ve traded my tennis racket for a well-worn place on the couch. but no more.

side note.

how do you respond when your [future] eight year-old says to you “i want to be skinny; my belly is too big”? it just so happened that we went to the library today and as fate would have it, there was a kid’s book on the get in shape gang. anyways, there was a kid-appropriate section on diet and excercise and how not to overdo it. we talked about growing and how that may affect her weight and shape…there’s a whole lot of subtext that i’m not typing…and honestly, it’s way too much to write about in one sitting. but let me assure you, dear reader, that the focus in this household is on health, not weight. she seemed to understand. we’ll see how things pan out. cross your fingers for us.

[sigh] this is a subject that is not taken lightly with me; i have known too many women that have sufferred from eating disorders, including my sister.




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